Site members and followers

What are site members and followers?

There are two audience categories for public sites: site members and site followers. These two categories give site managers the flexibility to send comms to only site members, or to both site members and followers. 

Site members

Site members are the intended core user group of a site. Users will always receive all comms from a site they're a member of. Comms include:

  1. Alerts
  2. Must-reads
  3. Site notifications
  4. Newsletters

Site owner/managers can select and add users as site members to match the site's audience profile.

Site followers

Site followers are similar to site members, only they don't have to receive all of a site's comms that a site member receives. Whenever a site manager is sending an alert, must-read, site notification, or a newsletter, they can choose whether or not to include site followers as the audience for that communication. Members, however, will receive all comms by default. 

Users that would like to receive some of a site's comms, but not all, should follow a site rather than be a member.


Private or unlisted sites can't have site followers. Only public sites can have followers. For public sites, App managers can create subscriptions for site members or followers.

Select an audience category 

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When sending comms on a public site, Site managers will get the option to send comms to either site members, or both site members and site followers. This can be done with:

  1. Alerts
  2. Must-reads
  3. Site notifications
  4. Newsletters

Each of these comms can be sent to both members and followers, or just members, by using the Site members distribution option : 


Selecting an audience for alerts


Selecting an audience for must-reads


Selecting an audience for site notifications


Selecting an audience for newsletters



Follow or request membership

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  • A user can follow or request membership of a public site by clicking the arrow next to the follow button on a site's landing page. If a user requests membership, the site's managers and owners will be notified of the request. Users will receive a notification whenever they're made a member of a site. 
  • To unfollow a site, click the same arrow next to Follow.
  • If a user tries to follow an unlisted site when clicking the url sent to them by a site member, they'll receive a 404 error message instead of being directed to the site.
  • If a user tries to access a private site they're not a member of, they'll receive a notice that the site is private and an option to request membership.
  • Users must be added to private or unlisted sites by already existing members.
  • Users will receive a notification when they're made a site member, and site managers will receive a notification when one of their sites gets a membership request.
  • Managers can go to Manage site > People > Membership requests to manage a site's membership requests.


Options to follow or request site membership


Option to unfollow site and notice of requested membership


Prompt to request membership of private or unlisted site


Request to join notifications, and notification of new site membership


Go to People > Membership requests to manage site membership requests

Membership requests

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Users request public site membership by clicking Request membership

Site owners may manually approve membership requests, or have membership requests approved automatically upon request. If set to automatic, site owners won’t receive notifications on new membership requests. If set to manual, users that request membership will see the Request membership button has changed to Membership requested until their request is processed by the site owner. 

Membership requests are set to manual by default. To change this:

  1. Go to Manage Site > Setup and scroll down to Access.
  2. Select Manually approve membership requests or Automatically approve membership requests.



This setting also applies to subscriptions. If the site is set to automatically approve requests, subscriptions to the site are also approved automatically.

Manage people tab

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In sites, the Members tile has been renamed to People. The People tile provides similar functionality to Members, but now has four tabs of its own:

    1. Owner & managers
    2. Members
    4. Membership requests


The Owner & managers tab lets you manage site content managers and site owner


The Membership requests tab lets you manage site membership requests


The Followers tab lets you manage the site's followers


Site managers can change followers to be members, and members to be followers (in the Followers and Members tabs, respectively).


Site About page and Members & Followers tab

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In sites, the About page has three tabs:

  1. Owners & managers
  2. Members

Additionally, the Add people tile has a Site Members & Followers tab that where you can select site members or site followers. 


3 tabs in the site About page


Site members and followers tab

Select membership type in subscriptions

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When adding subscriptions to public sites, there is an additional option for selecting membership type. You can choose Members or Followers. This is applicable if the subscription is added for both Everyone in organization and Audience.


Sselect a membership type

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