Ghostwriting and protected authors

Simpplr allows pre-approved Content managers to write and publish content on behalf of other users. This process is called Ghostwriting.


Change content author

All users with edit and publish permissions, including Content managers, can change the content author when the content is published, and while the content is still in draft.

Note that if no one is added to the Protected authors list discussed below, then anyone with Content management permissions will be able to change the author of content they manage to anyone in the company, including non-site members (if the content is held on a public site).



Protected authors

Simpplr's Protected authors and Allow list let users better control authorship of content. As an App manager, go to Manage > Application > Setup > Privileges > Protected authors to update the Protected Author and Allow lists. 

In App manager settings, high-profile users can be added to the list of Protected authors. Any user in the Protected authors list can only have their content edited by users in the Allow list. Furthermore, only users in the Allow list can change authorship of a piece of content to users in Protected authors.mceclip0.png



If sites are private or unlisted, the author that you are ghostwriting for MUST be a member of the site in order for the feature to work as expected.


Roles and their ghostwriting permissions:

Any user with edit and publish rights for a site can change the author on any of that site's content. However, Protected authors have an additional restriction on who can publish on their behalf. Only users in the Allow list can:

  • edit the content authored by Protected authors
  • change the author of any content to a Protected author

By default, App managers are in the Allow list. To update who is in the Allow list, go to Manage > Application > Setup > Privileges > Protected authors.

Any user that is made the author of a piece of content will be notified, and will receive future notifications if the content is edited.

Notifications from ghostwritten content

Currently, if notifications are pushed to the site audience for the content, the notification will come from the user sending the notification, regardless of protected author settings. There is a product enhancement request with our Product team to change this.

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  • Is there a way that the content author can be a department e.g. Corporate Communication?

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  • Hi Johnny. Unfortunately this cannot be done as of today. However, the enhancement request is with our Product team for consideration in a future release. 

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