Expertises are words and skills users can include on their user profiles (or can have them included by those with permission). These skills can be searched and browsed across the intranet. They work similarly to endorsements on LinkedIn.

As a user, head to Profile & settings, then scroll down to the Expertise section. Depending on your org's settings, you may be able to add your own Expertise. AWS_add_new_expertise_end_user.gif


To manage existing Expertises as an App manager, or someone with the right permissions, from your user profile image, go to Manage > Expertise. AWS_expertise.png


You can add new expertise to your own profile or any other user's profile by clicking Add/Remove expertise, writing in the Expertise box and clicking Add. Depending on the permissions, you can remove expertise by clicking the x button. 

In the expertise list:

  • Terms are not case sensitive. “HR”, “hr” and “Hr” to be considered as same.
  • Expertise can have spaces. “Human Resources” or “I’m good at dancing” are acceptable.
  • Duplicated entries are eliminated.


Other employees can also add expertise to your profile, and they can endorse your expertise by clicking on the thumbs up icon. 

If employees search for expertise that you have, you will appear in the search results. Expertise are also added as a filter option when searching the People directory.



App managers have governance over the Expertise list. From Manage > Application, they can select who can create expertise and who can add expertise to a user's profile. 

Manage application > Setup > Governance (under Expertise)settings.jpg

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