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This feature is being gradually rolled out and is only available to customers in our early adopter program. Please reach out to your CSM for more information. 


A Pulse survey allows for a set of questions to be sent out to users at repeated intervals. Users can answer questions on a five-point Likert scale (the default scale label is strongly disagree - strongly agree). When creating a survey, you can choose from a selection of labels as well as customizing your own. Each question gives the opportunity for optional free text feedback.

Participate in a survey

When a survey is sent out for your participation, you’ll receive an email asking you to take part. When you open Simpplr, click on the Survey notification in your Simpplr app.

You'll be taken to the Surveys page. View all your open surveys and click Take part to participate in a survey. You can also go to User menu > Surveys which will take you to a list of all your open surveys.



 User participation view for Pulse survey

Survey management and creation

App managers and those with the survey permission can create pulse surveys. You can create surveys using questions from the Simpplr question bank, or creating your own custom questions and themes.

Questions and themes

Create custom questions for your surveys and group them for reporting in Manage questions and themes. Custom questions can be added by clicking Add > Question. Themes are how you group and categorize your surveys for analytics, aggregating similar questions so that trends for key topics can be easily tracked and identified. Add a new theme by clicking Add > Theme.


Create a survey

To create a survey, go to User menu > Manage surveys. This will take you to the survey listing. Here you can select the Create Survey option. If you'd like to create your own question(s) for the survey, you have two entry points. You can also choose to add questions as you are creating the survey by selecting the Create your own option. Alternatively select the Manage questions and themes, then:

  1. Click Add > Question.

  2. Under survey type, Pulse surveys can only use Scale.

  3. Enter a question in the Question field.

  4. Choose an Answer scale. If you'd like to create your own, click Custom and enter the values of your custom scale.
  5. Select a theme for your survey. Themes can be created in Manage questions and themes


Survey analytics

Simpplr's pulse survey analytics shows the data from each instance of the pulse survey so that key trends can be easily identified. The Overview tab lets you filter surveys by date, location, and department, and breaks down survey scores by their theme and questions. The Surveys tab gives a list of each instance of a pulse survey, details of its status, and when it was sent out.


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