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Discover the latest and popular content with the feed. Simpplr's feed ensures users connect with the most engaging and relevant content. There are two types of feeds:

App managers decide which type of feed is seen through Feed governance settings.

Note: as of the Laki release, @mentions can be used in feed replies and comments.

Home feed

Users can locate their Home feed on their Home dashboard or on its own page, depending on the layout the user or App manager has chosen. Through the feed, users can share thoughts, ask questions, give recognition, tag other users or sites, and post Files, Links or Polls. Users can share posts with followers, with a site or with a specific person.

Note, when tagging other users in a feed post, they will receive a notification. However, when tagging an entire site, the site members will not be notified of that post. 



Types of Home feed posts

Timeline entry

  • Content published:
      • Single entry
      • Grouped posts


If Timeline only option is selected in the settings, only the single entry form will show up. If either of the other two options is selected, the grouped entry form may show up based on the pagination grouping rule. 


Smart posts

  • Must read
  • Popular content from sites and people you follow
  • Upcoming events
  • Celebrations

Comments on content



Feed posts

  • Feed posts
  • Polls. Note, polls cannot be edited once published, nor are there any analytics available to view. To see poll results, navigate to the feed post itself.
  • Content shares
  • Feed post shares

Site feed

Site feeds can be found by navigating to a site. They're populated with content added to the site, or @mentions referencing the site. 


Site feed posts are approved at the app level, not the site level. This means System admins and App managers have edit access to feed. Site managers cannot control feed posts on their sites. 



Feed posts

There are multiple types of feed posts.

Must read posts

When content is marked as must read, a notification will be sent to site members. The must read content will also appear on the home feed. Unread must read content will be displayed above the post box.




Upcoming events

All upcoming events for next 7 days would be displayed in this post (starting from the latest basis date and time). All the events from the site the user follows or where the user is invited, will be included, and all the events where user RSVP'd "no", will be excluded.



People posts (birthdays, anniversaries, new hires)

People posts are for anything about the people in your organization. However, not all people-related updates in an organization will be relevant to every user. To address this, Simpplr's algorithm shows personalized results for each user based on their profile and relationships in their organization. 


Site mentions

As of the Gorgonio release, users can now @mention public sites from within another site. For example, you can tag Human Resources from the Solutions Consulting site feed. Private sites can only be @mentioned in their own site feed.see_look.gif


Feed governance settings:

The feed allows employees to share ideas and collaborate with their colleagues. When configuring feed, select any of the three options, which will set precedent for feed settings throughout the application. App managers can toggle these options in Manage > Manage application > Governance > Timeline & feed.

  • Timeline
  • Timeline & content comments
  • Timeline & content comments and feed posts (Recommended)

Definition of Timeline: In the three setting options above, the Timeline includes both Timeline entry and Smart post types of feed components.

If the Timeline option is selected, Simpplr will only display single entries. If the other options are selected, Simpplr will display both single entries and grouped entries, based on the pagination rule.

These settings will apply to the home feed, as well as the site feed of all sites.



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  • Hi Simpplr team, 

    Do polls only work when homepage feed posts and commenting are enabled? Or, can they be enabled without commenting?



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  • Another question for you: For Site Feed posts, when a user @mentions a public site, like People & Culture, will that generate an email to anyone that the tag occurred? In other words, would anyone who is a content manager for P&C receive a notification of the tag?

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  • Hey Rob. No, no email will be generated to the site members or management team when the site gets tagged. 

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  • Hi Rob. In regard to your question about polls, they're part of the feed and cannot be enabled on their own without the rest of the feed components. 

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  • Quick question:

    • When using segmentation are all home feed posts by users in any segment visible to all users in other segments even if they are not following the specific user that has made the post?

    We want to understand how feed posts in one segment would affect user experience in different segments.

    Thanks for your good help.

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  • Hi Brian. Segmentation doesn't really affect feed. Feed is driven by content/posts that are relevant to the individual user. Therefore, if user A is in a different segment than user B, but they're in the same department, or they follow each other, then yes, they'll see that user's posts, because segmentation isn't playing a factor in the feed algorithm. Does that help? 

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  • How can one view who responded to a poll? Or is this always anonymous? Thanks

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  • Hi Tammy. As of now there is no way to view poll metrics, and all responses are anonymous. 

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  • How do I change that "share your thoughts or questions" verbiage within the feed comment box?

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  • We are trying to enable feed posts on content, but not new threads in the feed (comments at the bottom of a page are ok, but new comments in the feed are not). We currently have Time & content comments enabled but with this option users can only reply to comments made by an admin, they cannot create their own. Is there a setting that enables feed comments on pages, but doesn't allow new posts directly to the feed?

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  • Hi Krystal. I made a video to try and help answer your second question about feed settings.

    But for your first question, there is no way to customize that text in feed. I'll share this with our Product team though as an enhancement request!

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  • Hi Matthew, thank you for the video. We have noticed that there are also Feed Permissions on individual sites.

    Option 1 - Anyone can make feed posts
    Option 2 - Only site owner and site managers can make feed posts

    We created our sites using option 2 as we didn't want people to post directly to the feed. However, this means that even if we follow the instructions in your video a user can't comment on a page (the little comment icon appears but if you click on it nothing happens). We therefore changed to Option 1 Anyone can make feed posts and it works.

    Can you please confirm that people still won't be able to make feed posts because at the higher level we've set it to Manage > Governance > Timeline & Comments.

    Thanks :-)

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  • Hi Natasha. Yes, in short, the app-level settings are going to overwrite the site level settings. So with 'Timeline and comments on content' set, users won't be able to make feed posts, regardless of site settings. 

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  • Hi Matthew, sorry I just need further clarification. We have the following:





    Can you please confirm that if we want users to post comments on pages only, we need to go into each site and tick "anyone can make feed posts" BUT this will not mean they can create feed posts such as "We're excited to welcome a new team member".

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  • Hey Natasha. No worries. I made this video to show you what those settings will look like. But in short, you have it right. Users won't be able to make feed posts if that app-level setting is set to the way you have it. 

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  • Sorry, really want to be clear on this. You mentioned previously that the App level settings override the Site level settings.

    We have the following APP settings turned on:

    Timeline & Comments
    Allow feed posts on all content

    Then we have a SITE setting turned on:
    Only site owners and site managers can make feed posts

    Based on your original explanation, the APP setting would override the SITE setting. This would mean all users could post on content but not on the feed.

    But this doesn't work for us. We have to go into the Site setting and switch it to All (and not site owners and site managers). I would have to change this setting on 100 sites for people to be able to comment.

    Apologies if I'm not understanding this correctly. Are you able to just confirm the only settings we need to be able to 

    1) Have users post on content pages ONLY 
    2) Not have users able to post to the feed


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  • Hi Natasha. To do what you'd like in this case, you shouldn't need to make any app level changes. You have the right setting already enabled. You will need to allow all users to make posts on content at the site level if that option isn't already enabled. That setting is the last one in Manage site > Setup. Or rather, your Site owners/managers will need to do this. Are you yourself governing the 100 sites you have?

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  • The only way to see poll results is to vote. Can you confirm this is the case?

    Or is there a different way to view the results of a poll as the person who created it?

    Can these details be added to the knowledge article? The section about polls doesn't provide enough detail to manage the poll. Thank you! 

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  • Hi Hilary. At the moment the only way to see poll results is by voting, yes. The poll creator will be able to see results only on the feed post directly.

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