Activating and disabling Simpplr Native video upload permissions for users

This article is in relation to our Simpplr Native video product. Depending on how your system is currently configured, it's possible that everyone in your organization will have access to create and upload videos once the feature has been enabled, or it may be possible that no one in your organization will be able to create or upload videos. This article explains how to restrict or grant, depending on your needs, the use of Simpplr Native video.

You must have App manager permissions to complete these steps in enabling the workaround. 

Prior to enabling the Simpplr Native video feature, your instance has certain options for file uploads in the Manage > Application > Setup > Governance.

If you currently have selected either Allow image files to be uploaded or Disable all file types then,  by default, users will not have the ability to create or upload videos. If your policy is that all users should be able to create or upload videos then select the Allow all file types option.
If your policy is to NOT allow all users to create or upload videos AND the Allow all file types option is already selected, the select either the  Allow image files to be uploaded or Disable all file types options depending on your needs.

After enabling Native video, your file upload permission options change. You'll now see the option to Allow image and video files (home and site feeds, content attachments).

Once Simpplr Native video has been enabled, if you want to restrict users to uploading only image files (i.e just pictures or diagrams) select the Allow image files to be uploaded option.

If you want to allow users to upload both image and video files, choose Allow all image and video files.

If you want to allow users to upload any kind of file, choose Allow all file types.

If you don't want users to be able to upload any kind of file, choose Disable all file types.

Disabling all file types will prevent any file type from being uploaded by End users. This includes .pdf attachments, .img files, and .txt files. For this reason Simpplr recommends choosing Allow image files option, because with this option End users can still upload normal file types like .pdf or .img. 


You can change these permissions at any time. In particular, some customers choose to restrict the use of Native video to Site owners and managers at first, and roll out to the rest of the End user base only after the Site owners and managers have become familiar with it. Other customers leave the restriction in place and only ever allow the feature to be used by Site owners and managers.

No matter which option you choose, remember to scroll down and click Save.

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