Is there a way to specifically search for something in a specific site on our intranet?

We would like to give directions on the best practice for searching for something you know is on a specific site on your intranet.

I realize search is a global search, but what can you do to focus it down to looking at one site on your intranet? We have quite a few sites on our intranet.

I realize one option is to search in "sites" when you get your results back from the search:

But that does not usually give you the result you want.

Thank you for sharing your ideas. Best, Andrea



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    Hey Andrea. As a best practice, to get more accurate results under a particular site:

    1. On global search you can use the site level filter by selecting the particular site.
    2. If you know which site the content is on, use site level searches instead of global search. That function will search under that particular site only.

    Is there a particular use case you have where you're not finding the desired results? I can take the feedback to my Product team.

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  • Hi Matthew,

    Could you define where the "site level filter function" is located? 

    Here is the Global search ... where is the site level searches on a site?


    I don't see a specific search area on an individual site. Do I assume the global search area is sensitive to which site I am on when I am searching for something on that site?



    Thank you.

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  • Andrea, I made a video that should be helpful. Take a look and let me know! 

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