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If we disable all browser notifications for new questions and answers on sites where users are members in the manage application settings, will that prevent all of the in app notifications/alerts for all persons for new questions that arise in sites or does that only affect browser notifications if a user has enabled those?

If that is the case, how could we prevent all users from getting a notification in the notifications bubble when a new question is added to a site to which they are a member. We want just site managers and owners to get the notification about a new questions on a site rather than everyone who is a member of a site.



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    Hi Brian. Unfortunately, all site members will receive in-app notifications when a new question is asked in a site they're a member of. In-app notifications can't be configured here. This is the way the feature was designed in order for maximum contribution and engagement on the question. But I have raised this with our Product team as an enhancement request. 


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