Is there a way to duplicate or clone a page in Simpplr?

In some cases, we'd like to duplicate / clone a page within Simpplr. Is this possible to do? Thanks! 



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    Hi Jeremy. Unfortunately you cannot clone or duplicate content at the moment. However, this idea is with our Product team, and they are considering it for a future release. 

    As a workaround, you are able to duplicate page templates. You can also move content to a different site if needed. 

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  • Great idea, Jeremy and I second the need for a duplicate function. We've come across the need for this several times in the past few months - it would be helpful to have this feature. 

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  • I would LOVE to see this feature as well, especially for event pages. There are no template options for events and we have many repeating events that we post for our staff. 

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  • I'd love page templates for Events and the ability to add Events as recurring.

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  • I'm adding to the call for Event page templates and the ability to add Events as recurring. This would be a HUGE improvement to the platform. 

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