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Hi all!

Had a couple of questions about blog content.

We have a C-level personage whom we have set up a subscription whereby large numbers of our company follow that person when added to an audience.

If we have a different user who is an app manager write a piece of blog content, publish it, and then change the author of that content to the c-level personality does everyone who follows the the c-level person see in their notifications and feeds the new content from the c-level person when the author is changed? How do those notifications work?

Also, since blog posts are stored within a specific user's profile, does blog content get deleted when users leave the company or if their user profile is deleted? Is there a way to recover that content or move it from a user's profile without changing the author?

Really appreciate whatever help you can provide.



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    Hi Brian. So there aren't actually any dedicated notifications around blog posts, regardless of who the author is. Now, if you have C-level execs with a lot of followers assigned to these blogs, the blogs are going to show up in more recommended content. So if I follow the exec, I will see their blog post in my latest & popular content, emails, dashboard, etc. You might also consider making the C-level person an influencer on the intranet. Influencers' content (including blogs) is given higher precedence in our recommendation and search engines. 

    For your second question, no, blogs are not deleted when the author (ghostwriter or not) leaves the company. They will stay until an App manager manually removes them. They're still searchable and kept on the user's profile, which also remains visible even if the user is inactive. You will see a notice upon going to a deactivated user's profile/content telling you the user is inactive. 

    Hope this helps!

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  • Awesome!

    Thanks so much Matthew Rawls.

    That is super helpful.

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