Having trouble syncing via CSV

Hello everyone! Happy new year!

I'm having trouble syncing user details via CSV recently, although it used to work before. I'm trying to change the Department and Manager Unique Identifier for several users, so I've created a CSV file with the following headers:


On Simpplr, in Manage Application > People > User Syncing, I have the following fields selected.


When I try to get the CSV ingested, I get the following sync error:

First name cannot be empty

I feel like I might be missing something very simple, but if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be grateful!



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  • Hi Rikou. Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Could you try uploading the CSV again, but this time ensure that each user you'd like to modify has their name included on the file? I know you're not making any edits to names, but it is a requirement to have on the CSV. And then ensure the First name check box i selected when re-uploading.

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