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We are running into a soon-to-be pressing issue regarding file management. Currently, we have a staff member that owns 100s of files. She is leaving the organization in Q1 2024, and there is no way to transfer ownership of her files to the new employee taking her place. Is there a workaround for this? Also, why are files not included in the annual validation process like pages? How is everyone else managing their files with these limitations?



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    Hi Lane! Unfortunately there is no way to do this natively within the Simpplr platform. However, you can use Salesforce data loader to bulk transfer ownership of files. This help article will walk you through getting started with Salesforce data loader, and this article will instruct you on how to perform bulk actions (such as transferring file ownership). You will see the query you need to run in data loader for file ownership transfer if you scroll down within the article. 

    Do note that data loader is not officially supported by Simpplr, and if it doesn't work, or you experience technical issues, Simpplr can't guarantee a solution. 

    Hope this helps!

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  • Hi Lane,

    We have had this problem for over a year and sadly the bulk transfer of ownership isn't always straightforward. We used Dataloader with some success but were also advised to use Workbench. We also found that when it did work we could only do 50 uploads at a time.

    I currently have a problem whereby I have 30 documents that belong to 12 different staff. Ownership needs to be transferred to one person. It's 'reasonably' easy to transfer ownership if the files go from person A to person B. But if they go from person A, B, C, D, E then that's hard work.

    I have pushed our company to integrate with Sharepoint because the file ownership within Simpplr is not working for our large business.

    As for the files and validation, we were always told that files should be attached to pages (and not just randomly placed in the backend). So when your page came up for review, so would your file. However, we have since created a policy page which uses tiles to display all of our policies. These won't fall under validation.

    Good luck :-)

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