News Content and when it's unpublished

I am getting a lot of really good questions about content that is selected as news content. One question I have is when content type is selected as "News" and publish until is set to "Indefinitely", does this content ever unpublish or need validation? Second question is if publish until is set for 3 months is the content then unpublished without notice or validation?



  • A third question to this as well! If let's say I want the page published until XYZ Date, does it unpublish at midnight of the author's timezone or at a particular hour?

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  • Hey Aaron. When News content is published as Indefinitely, it won't become unpublished unless the author or Content manager does it manually. It does not go through our content validation engine. All that to say, it will become less relevant over time (i.e., won't stay in users' feeds or recommended content forever).

    For the second part, no, you won't receive any kind of notice. You can always go into Manage content and filter to show just News content to see anything that's published/unpublished.


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