Employee Newsletter: Add Custom Sender Address


This information is applicable to the paid add-on feature, Employee Newsletter. This is a separate feature form the legacy newsletter. Click here for information on the legacy newsletter.


If you want to customize the ‘from’ email address of your newsletters, so that they are not sent from noreply@simpplrnewsletter.com by default, (noreply@eu.simpplr.com for EU customers) you will need to follow the steps below.


Adding a custom sending address requires access to the DNS settings of your desired domain. You will not be able to complete the verification of your new sender address without access.

Add sender address

1. Go to Manage > Application > Setup > Newsletter. Click Add domain. When entering a sender domain, we recommend calling it newsletters.<yourdomain>. Click Add when finished.


2. A modal will open with the DNS records that need to be added. Send the domains and records to your IT department.


3. The records will need to be verified once uploaded. This can take up to 48 hours. 

Optionally, to set up a mailed by address (otherwise known as a mail from address/domain), click Advanced mail from settings. This will show the source of the email to your org's mail servers for authentication purposes. For most users, this won't be applicable unless you're looking at the source code of the message.
advanced domain newsletter .png

When we send a newsletter using a custom mailed by address, recipients can see the mailed by address in the details section and the source code of the email. For example, if we’re adding the custom sender domain prod-newsletter.maxhurl.co.uk, then we can add sender email address prod.legacy.newsletter@prod-newsletter.maxhurl.co.uk and our mailed by address can be “newsletters.prod-newsletter.maxhurl.co.uk. Note the mailed by address must be a sub-domain of the sender domain.

This is how the mailed by address looks like in the details section of a Gmail email. This same address will appear in the source code of the email as well.mailed by address ENL 1.png

For more information as to why you may choose to use a mailed by (or "mail from") address, check out this help article from AWS

4. Click Add sender to add a custom sender address. If you don’t add a custom from address all newsletters will be sent from noreply@simpplrnewsletter.com.


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