Install and Configure Coveo in Salesforce

This article describes how to get and install the Coveo for Salesforce application to try it with your Salesforce organization. 

Install Coveo for Salesforce

  • Choose Production or Sandbox
  • Confirm and install
  • Select audience and third party access

Choose Production or Sandbox

  1. Go to the Salesforce AppExchange
  2. In the Coveo - AI-Powered Search & Recommendations for Salesforce page, click Get It Now
  3. If not already done, in the Log In to AppExchange page, click Log In, and then provide your Salesforce administrator credentials. 
  4. Choose whether Install in Production or Install in Sandbox.


click Get It Now


choose production or sandbox installation


It is recommended to Install in a Sandbox when first trying the application.

Confirm and Install

  1. In the Confirm Installation Details page, click the terms and conditions link to review the application legal agreement. 
  2. Select the I have read and agree to the terms and conditions checkbox.
  3. Click Confirm and Install.


Select audience and third party access

  1. In the Install Coveo - AI-Powered Search for Salesforce page, choose for whom you want to install the application and then click Install or Upgrade
  2. In the Approve Third-Party Access dialog box, select the Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites checkbox. Click Continue.
  3. When the app is reported to take a long time to install, within minutes, you'll receive an email confirmation from
  4. You'll be automatically redirected to the Installed Packages page where you can validate the state of the package and start configuring your organization.


You should make the search component available to all or specific users later when the deployment is completed (see Granting Users Access to Your Coveo Components). Selecting Install for All Users grants every custom profile the permissions to modify the configuration of Coveo components.


select installation audience


approve third party access

Configure Coveo for Salesforce

  • Default configuration
  • Create a new organization
  • Link to an existing organization

Once the Coveo for Salesforce application is installed, you must perform the initial application configuration during which: 

  • You connect your Salesforce organization to a new or existing Coveo Cloud V2 Organization. 
  • PRO AND ENTERPRISE EDITIONS ONLY: you instruct Coveo Cloud to index your Salesforce content and optionally content from other repositories. 

Default configuration 

New Coveo organizations are automatically created in the Coveo Cloud V2 platform. If you want to install the application on a different Coveo platform, see Configuring the Application on a Different Coveo Platform. 

  1. If not already done, using an administrator account, log in to your Salesforce organization where the application is installed. 
  2. In Setup, search for and select Installed Packages.
  3. Next to your Coveo package row, select Configure
  4. Under Configure Coveo for Salesforce, you must either create a new Coveo organization or link to an existing one. 

Create a new organization 

  1. Select Create a New Coveo Organization
  2. Select either the Free, Pro, or Enterprise plan. 
  3. In the Select, Your Edition page, click Get Started or Start Trial.
  4. Under Organization Name, choose a name for your Coveo organization.
  5. PRO AND ENTERPRISE EDITIONS ONLY: under Select the Salesforce sources that you wish to index, select the Salesforce objects you wish to make searchable.
  6. Acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by checking the box. 
  7. Click Create to create your Coveo organization.
  8. In the newly opened Allow Access? window, allow Coveo access to your Salesforce organization by selecting Allow. The window should close itself.
  9. After a few seconds, you will be directed to the Coveo for Salesforce Getting Started page. Your Coveo organization is now created. 

Link to an existing organization 

  1. Select Link to an Existing Organization
  2. In the newly opened Grant Privileges window, select the organization you want to link and click Next
  3. Allow Salesforce access to your Coveo organization by selecting Authorize.
  4. In the new Allow Access? page, click Allow. The window should close itself.
  5. You'll be directed to the Coveo for Salesforce Getting Started page. Your Salesforce organization is now connected to your Coveo organization.


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