Best Practices: User Do's and Don'ts

Utilize this resource as you build out your user guidelines within your new intranet. The do’s and don’ts are not all inclusive, and we recommend that you include business specific information when creating your own set of guidelines.


What we recommend for users to do on the intranet platform: 

  • Complete your profile
  • Find 2-3 sites you are interested in and click Follow
  • Be sensitive to the ethnically rich and diverse, multi-cultural community
  • Before asking a question, do some research
  • Practice professionalism
  • Refrain from inappropriate language and personal attacks
  • Favorite sites, content, people, files and feed posts you will revisit in the future
  • Report issues with the intranet
  • Use the mobile app


What we do not recommend for End users to do on the intranet platform:

  • Be disrespectful
  • Reference to alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or any other illegal activities in text, graphic, or any other form is prohibited
  • Write long paragraphs of text in the feed
  • Be afraid to look around and have some fun




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