Google multi-domain setup


As of the Laki release, you can enable multiple domains for your Google Drive and Google Calendar integrations with Simpplr. 

  • App managers can add, view, and delete domains for Google Drive and Calendar.
  • Domains can be managed by going to Manage > Application > Integrations > Domains
  • Upgrading to multi-domain is optional.

Set up and add/remove multiple domains

Multi-domain setup depends on whether your Google integration used Google or Simpplr managed permissions prior to the Laki upgrade. To set up multi-domain:

  1. Go to Manage > Application > integrations.

Google managed permissions

To continue setting up with Google managed permissions:

  1. Under Domains, click Add domain name.
  2. Select whether the domain is for Google Drive or Calendar. Enter the domain name.

Click Add domain. Once added, you can remove a domain by clicking x on the right.

The Google Drive (and if applicable, Google Calendar) domain used prior to the Laki upgrade is added automatically.

Simpplr managed permissions

To continue setting up with Simpplr managed permissions:

  1. Under Google Drive, you’ll see a message stating You’re using a legacy Google Drive integration. Click find out more.
  2. Upgrading to multi-domain is optional. However, the choice of upgrading or not upgrading is final and cannot be changed. If you’d like to upgrade to multi-domain, click Upgrade
  3. If you clicked Upgrade, choose to keep or remove legacy Google groups.
  4. Click Upgrade. Multi-domain is now available.

Keeping legacy groups keeps previously linked folders and groups as they were prior to the upgrade. Removing legacy groups removes all previously linked folders and groups. New users and folders will be added according to your Google permissions. 

Note: The upgrade process takes several minutes. Google Drive and Calendar will be disabled for your app during this time. If you receive an upgrade failed message, please contact Simpplr Support

Once upgraded, domains can be managed by going to Manage > Application > Integrations > Domains.

Google Workspace Directory data

Multi-domain isn’t yet available for Google Workspace Directory. Regardless of permission type, if Google Workspace Directory was already enabled prior to the Laki upgrade, it will be found under Manage > Application > People data. Its domain will be unaffected by the domains added or removed for Google Drive/Calendar.

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