Recognition: Custom Badge Icons

This article focuses on custom badges for your Recognition suite. For more documentation on Simpplr's Recognition suite add-on feature, click here.


Recognition managers can upload custom recognition badges when creating or editing recognition awards. Badges are managed by Recognition managers in the Recognition management dashboard. Once associated with an award, a badge will show on all instances of the award (profiles, feed posts, etc). 

Upload a new icon

Recognition managers have three endpoints to enter the badge upload flow. The first option is to use the new badge tab in Recognition management (see 1 in the image below).

Recognition badges.png

From here you can view your badges and filter them by status. To add a new badge icon, click Add badges or the + icon. Upload any JPEG or PNG as a new badge icon (see 2 and 3 in the above image).

Since badges are used in a number of backgrounds and sizes, the image will be cropped into a circle. Recognition badges should be 200 x 200 px and should have a transparent background. The maximum file size is 2MB.

Add or change award badges

When creating or editing a recognition award, Recognition managers can select from their uploaded badges as well as upload a badge while in the edit or create award flow. Badges uploaded during this flow are added to the organization's badge icon library and will be available for reuse as if uploaded under the Badges tab.


Upload guidance for sizing and background is shown below the list of available badges.

Badge modification

Badges can be made either active or inactive. Only active badges are shown as options when creating a new award. Custom badge icons can also be deleted when the icon is no longer of use (like after rebranding). 

To delete or change a badge's activity status, go to Recognition > Badges and hover over the ellipsis to see available options. Default badges cannot be deleted, but they can be made inactive.



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