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Hello! I'm looking for any Simpplr customers using the Questions and Answers feature -- either app-wide or in a particular site only.

My questions:
- Is the explanation of this feature to your users as complicated as it seems?
- Is this feature helping your employees to get their questions answered?
- How do you get the question to the right person to answer it correctly? What is the best practice? Tagging a person or persons? 

I'd like to try using this but want to start slow, and I'm a bit concerned about it being complicated. Generally, our employees ask questions in Google Chat and tag people, and they typically get answered. It seems like the main benefit to moving these questions into Simpplr is that the questions/answers are searchable, which they aren't in Chat. And the challenge will be to encourage employees to ask their questions in Simpplr vs. Chat, which will be a behavior change that could be challenging to shift.

Advice and suggestions as to the best way to start using this feature are welcome :)

Michelle Barnes



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  • Hi Michelle,

    Our users are similar to yours, preferring to use internal chat. Instead of relying on them to ask the questions there, some of our site owners use the Questions feature like an FAQs section. They post common questions and they also post the answers themselves. I don't know if/how much it's being used but the theory is that it will aid in search results like you mentioned. 


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