Microsoft Outlook Integration

With the Microsoft Outlook calendar integration, you will be able to add your Outlook calendar events to Simpplr as tiles to bring wider visibility into company events. 

Enabling Outlook Calendar

A new option for Outlook Calendar has been added in Manage > Application > Integrations > Calendar integration, which App managers can check and enable the calendar at app level.


The user who enables the integration at the application level must be an Application manager. The first person to connect their account must be the Microsoft/Outlook global admin user, as consent from the admin is needed to complete the integration. Without this connection, other users in the organization won't be able to connect their profiles.
  • App manager can add multiple domain names (Max limit = 10)
  • At least one domain should be added to enable the integration for other users.
  • Once enabled, all users will now have the option to connect their accounts.




User Connection

Like other integrations, in order to utilize the Outlook Calendar features, users will need to connect their accounts in their profile settings. 

  • Users connection is successful only when the domain used is one of the listed domains at app level.
  • In case of different domain, users will get the error suggesting the domain is not supported.


Outlook Events listing

Once user level connection is complete, users will be able to view the Outlook calendar events in a separate tab under Events listing.



Adding Outlook Calendar tile

Calendar tiles are a great way for the users to have a quick view of their upcoming meetings included on their dashboard. Once Outlook calendar is enabled at app level and user connection is also done, a new option of adding Outlook calendar can be used to add the tiles on home/site dashboard. Based on the app management governance settings, App managers/Site managers/End users can add tiles to their dashboard.

  • If the Home dashboard is app manager controlled, only app managers can add Outlook calendar tiles to home dashboard for all users.
  • If the Home dashboard is user-controlled, end users can also add calendar tiles to their dashboard.
  • Site managers/owners can always add calendar tiles to the Site dashboard for the sites they manage.



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