CSV User Syncing: How do I update an employee number or email address?


The information in this article applies to users who have been synced via CSV file, and NOT from the syncing source Salesforce. 

Since employee number and email address are both syncing field values that can be used as unique identifiers in Simpplr to match users with your user-syncing.csv file, you will need to change the data in Simpplr to match the new data in your CSV file (whichever field you use as unique identifier) in case they change for any reason.

As the System admin or App manager with access to the Salesforce Developer Console, to change employee number or email address:

  1. Go to Salesforce from Simpplr by removing everything after .com in your Simpplr URL.
  2. Click your name in the upper right hand corner, then select Developer Console from the drop down list.dev_console_1.gif
  3. Make sure Query Editor is selected at the bottom and enter the query shown in Step 4 below. You can copy and paste from this article. Be sure to replace employee email address with the employee’s original email address, then click Execute at the bottom.
  4. Select Id, Name, Simpplr__Email__c, Simpplr__Employee_Number__c FROM Simpplr__People__c where Simpplr__Email__c='employee email address'
  5. Double click on the email address or employee number in the query result. Update the data you need to change and click Save Rows to save the change.

You can now close the Developer Console window. Now if you need to change the employee number in your CSV, you're all set. Your next user-syncing.csv file will update the user’s profile field correctly.

If you need to change the user’s email address, complete the steps below in addition to the Developer Console update:

  1. Go to Setup next to your name.
  2. Go to Manage Users > Users on the left hand navigation.
  3. Click Edit next to the name of the user, then change the email address and click Save. The user will receive an email from Salesforce to verify the email address change. Once the user clicks on the verification link, their email address will be updated in Salesforce/Simpplr. You will not see the email address change until the end user click on the verification link.

If you need to change the username of the user, you can do so by following the same steps as above. Note that the user will receive an email from Salesforce regarding username change also. No action is needed from the user on the username change.

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