Salesforce: How do I turn off Chatter emails for all users?

  1. Navigate to your Salesforce instance. To do so, remove everything after .com from your Simpplr url and hit Enter.
  2. From Setup, type Email settings into the Quick Find box and select. 
  3. From Chatter Email Settings, check the box next to Allow Emails and click Save.
  4. Keep your Salesforce window open and navigate back to Simpplr. Note, you must be an App manager or System admin to complete these steps. 
  5. From your user menu, go to Manage > Manage application > Email. Then scroll down to Chatter emails.
  6. Choose Off for selected profiles and type into the box Simpplr User and System Administrator. Then click Save.
  7. Navigate back to your open Salesforce window and from the Quick Find box, type in Apex jobs and select.
  8. Here, you're just looking to make sure the job ran correctly.
    apex_chatter_email.pngYou should see it reflected at the top of the list of completed jobs. Ensure the job was completed, then in the Quick Find box, type email settings and head back to the Chatter Email Settings page.
  9. Uncheck the Allow Emails box and click Save.
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  • What should the completed job look like? I'm not seeing anything that looks like it's a job that impacts email...

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  • Hi Todd! For the completed Apex job, you should see the Submitted Date column reflect the date you performed the action. Then over in the Apex Method column, it should be titled something similar to setChatterEmailSettingsForUsers. I've included a sample image below Step 8 in the above article.

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  • This is a terrible product experience--we've done this multiple times but the setting on step 6 is already on "off for selected profiles" so not sure if what we're doing is making a difference. We noticed though that it's always happening for new users.

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