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As part of the Employee listening suite of products, Awareness check is enabled on a piece of content, with up to 5 questions per quiz. This is an extension of the Must Read functionality on content. The user can answer the questions correctly to prove they have understood the core message of a piece of content. If they get a question wrong, then they will be shown the correct answer and need to manually select it to complete the awareness check. 

This is not a quiz designed to punish those who get the answers wrong; rather, its goal is to check how well the core message(s) of a piece of content are being understood by the audience. 

Using the reporting tool discussed below, content creators can gage the greater organization's understanding of content, and whether or not what is being shared is applicable and understood by the company. 


This feature is part of the paid add-on, Employee Listening. Contact your CSM for more information. 



Any user who has permissions to make content must read has permission to create an Awareness check.

Best practice is to not use this feature too frequently, as users may feel they're being tested every time they come to the platform. Use Awareness check and its reporting capabilities to help you improve on content messaging going forward.




In the reporting view, you can see a breakdown of how many employees answered each question correctly. This helps our clients understand when employees have not understood a particular question. Once this problem has been identified, they can reach out with more training or content focused on that talking point. 


Best practice in terms of analyzing the reporting is to decide what percentage number equals success for your content. This can differ based on the content, your department or any number of factors, but setting up a benchmark for success will help you set realistic goals when it comes to using Awareness check.

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  • Hi there. A few quick questions on this

    Do you need to purchase the entire Employee Listening Suite to obtain this feature or can you purchase it separately?

    Also, what does this user experience look like? Is the quiz appearing at the end of the story? Is the quiz pushed to them? Would be good to see a video, if possible. Loved the video walking through the My Team.:) 

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi Angela. Yes, you need to purchase the Employee Listening Suite to use this. 

    For the user experience, yes, the quiz appears at the bottom of the content where a Must Read confirmation would normally appear. I have a video here you can watch. This is also on the LMS course for Employee Listening.

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  • Seems like it would be a good idea to have this feature available when content is in "scheduled" status like sentiment check. Otherwise it is possible for someone to read it right after it has been published, but prior to when we add the awareness check on it, making the person have to read/visit it twice to acknowledge the Must Read/Awareness Check requirement. Has someone started an enhancement request for that already?

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  • Hi Krystal. This has definitely been considered and is with our Product team, but as of now it is not part of the short-term roadmap. 

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