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For system critical issues (Priority 1/Urgent) that require immediate assistance, you can call +1-877-750-8330.

When you submit a request to the Simpplr Support queue, it is filed by our Support team according to a number of factors. Factors such as the number of requests in the Queue, Issue type, and Service Level Agreement. 

Your Issue Type will help us process the order and priority of your case. This helps ensure cases are responded to in a timely and efficient manner. 

The graphs below will help you understand how tickets are responded to in regard to their severity and system-assigned priority. 

What does Severity mean?

Priority: Assigned by Simpplr based on the type of issue, it is the assessed possible risk or effect of an incident/issue on client's business operations.

Priority Definition Example
1 (Urgent) Critical issue resulting in a complete system outage or major application failure, preventing a critical business process that has immediate financial impact or impact to data integrity. There is no workaround available. System-wide outage on a production instance. All users unable to log in. Critical failure of SSO with no workaround.
2 (High) Serious issue preventing execution of a critical business process, causing disruption of a major business function. Major functionality is severely impaired. Serious impact on daily functions or processing and there is no acceptable workaround. Site, page, or newsletter failure.
Performance degradation, email notifications failing, basic provisioning or SSO issues.
3 (Normal) Issue that does not prevent the execution of a critical business process and does not impact data integrity. The problem may be circumvented using an available workaround. Feed, user data, analytics, general settings, Salesforce administration, or integration issues.
4 (Low) An inquiry and/or low system/business process impact issue. Examples include cosmetic defects on screens, errors in documentation, or question/how-to type requests. General product inquiry such as clarification on a knowledge base article. Feature request. Documentation update requests. 


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  • A lot of my tickets lately have been given Priority level "Normal", which isn't listed in the SLA. What is the response time for a ticket labeled "Normal" priority? Do you plan to update your SLA to include this new priority level? 

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  • Hey Francine. Yes, the support team does plan on updating the SLA to include the "Normal" priority level. I'll also make sure this documentation is updated with the latest terminology. 

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