Simpplr Mobile setup instructions and required permissions

Set up your Mobile app

  1. From the App store or Google Play, download Simpplr
  2. Once you've downloaded the app, enter your work email address (the same credentials used to log in to the desktop version). Then click Verify.
  3. Log in with your username and password. Or if you have an SSO in place (like GSuite in the example below), use the option under Or log in using:
  4. Then you'll be asked to allow your phone access to certain data. The permissions screen is created by Salesforce and cannot be customized. Read through the list and click Allow.

    The information below describes in greater detail what the app is asking:

    • The Simpplr mobile app needs access the identity URL service. This is the gateway to the Salesforce Identity Service that can be accessed using the OAuth 2.0 user-agent or web server flows. In these flows, when a connected app with the id scope is successfully authorized, it receives an identity URL along with the access token. The connected app can then send a GET request with the access token to the identity URL. In response, Salesforce returns details about the queried user and org.
    • Because Simpplr is a custom Visualforce application, the mobile app needs ability to access custom applications.
    • The app needs to be able to content resources from Salesforce, as well as the Salesforce Lighting application.
    • As the app accesses some of the information like the content detail page, search, etc., via web-based custom APIs within the Simpplr app in Salesforce, it needs the access to data via web permission.
    • To be able to manage site membership, content related activities (like, share, view etc.) the mobile app needs permission to access and manage your data (Salesforce data).
    • The app must be able to do all these actions even when you are not logged into the Web interface of Salesforce.

    All of these permissions are related to your organization's Simpplr instance (Salesforce), not your mobile device. 


  5. Finally, you'll be asked to allow Simpplr to send you notifications to your device.
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