Salesforce: Installing and configuring the data loader

To download the Salesforce data loader, you'll need to be your org's Salesforce System admin.

You may need to gather your machine's specifications: OS Version, Architecture, (32 vs 64 bit) and Java version.


Simpplr does not officially support this application, and we are not responsible for any updates or changes Salesforce makes to it. Our Support team may not be able to assist you completely with any errors or issues you may run into while configuring or using the data loader.


For detailed information on configuring your org's data loader, check out this Salesforce documentation. Please be sure to read the considerations for installing before you proceed to download the application. Salesforce frequently rolls out new versions of the data loader, therefore we defer you to their documentation on installing it as it will be kept up to date as instillation instructions change. 

For some common actions performed using the data loader, check out this Simpplr help article


Common Objects updated or inserted using Data loader. 

Object Description

Name in Data loader


Minimum fields

People Data fields

User (User)

Add new users and update people data if not using a Syncing source for people data like and HRIS. 


Simpplr Content


Export and update content

Select Id, Simpplr__Text_Intro__c, Simpplr__Text_Main_Continued__c, Simpplr__Text_Main__c, Simpplr__Title__c FROM Simpplr__Simpplr_Content__c.

Profile Expertise


Import Expertise tags in bulk


File ownership

Content Document (ContentDocument)

Update the OwnerID to change native file ownership.


Simpplr Site Role

Simpplr Site Role (Simpplr__Site_Role_C)

Check who has Site management credentials for your entire intranet. 


Simpplr File (edited)

Simpplr File (Simpplr__File_C)

See the organization and locations of your native files. 


Simpplr Audience

Simpplr Audience (Simpplr__Audience_C)

See the audience counts for your sites. 


Simpplr People

Simpplr People (Simpplr__People_C)

Update people data in Simpplr when using a syncing source like an HRIS.


Simpplr Topics

Simpplr Topics (Simpplr__Topic_Name_C)

Export and update Simpplr topics

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  • In order to use the data loader, does a user need to be a Salesforce System Admin?

    Thanks so much!

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  • Hi Anna. Yes, to use the data loader, you need to have Salesforce admin access.

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