Mobile Release Notes: 2020-09

Release 2020-09 is a feature-rich release that includes native video, site members and followers, notifications grouping, and post deletion.


  • Native video: This new feature allows users to upload videos from their smartphone, and allows them to play the video on pages, albums, feeds, etc.
  • Site members & followers: This new feature allows users to follow or become a member of a public site. This helps in better communication and audience-based targeting.
  • Notification grouping: This feature merges individual notifications into a single notification with a group summary to help users find similar notifications easily.
  • Post delete: With this new option users can now delete their own posts.

Native video

This new feature allows users to upload videos to Simpplr’s mobile app directly through their smartphones. Users can also play the added native video in pages, feeds, albums, comments, or any other screen with the native video. 

Videos will be available across the intranet and can be played with Simpplr’s native video player on:

  • Home feed 
  • Site feed 
  • Page 
  • Album 
  • Events 
  • Blogs 

These videos can be uploaded from home feed, site feed, and replies. Like photos, videos can be picked from the gallery or can be captured by a smartphone's camera to upload on the Simpplr mobile app.


Site members & followers

This new feature provides site managers/owners better control over the notifications and various communication channels when they are communicating with site members. They now have the flexibility to send communication to a very relevant set of site members instead of having just the option of sending it to all the site members.

It has now two sets of users: site members & followers.

Site members would primarily be the intended/core user group of the site. A site manager who has created a location-based site can now send notifications/important communications like alerts, must-reads to targeted users instead of sending them to all members and followers of that site.

Site followers would not be the core user group and are the regular site followers. Site managers/owners might or might not want to send these users any site communications. Although followers would be able to access site content, feed, files, etc. like a site member.

Site followers would only be for Public sites. For private and unlisted sites, there will be only members. From mobile, a user can request to be a public site member or a private site member.



Notification grouping

With this new feature, the mobile is bundling in-app notifications for the activities on feed posts and content to start with.  

Bundled notifications would help collapse individual notifications into a single notification with a group summary set on the group notification. This would save users from scrolling through all the notifications and have a better user experience.


Post delete

This new mobile feature allows users to delete their own home/site feed posts along with their comments.


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