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App managers can integrate ServiceNow accounts with Simpplr to enable employees to search knowledge bases and raise support tickets within the intranet.

You can integrate ServiceNow by:

  • Downloading Simpplr in the ServiceNow app store


Application registry setup

  1. Open the ServiceNow Service Management.
  2. Search for Application Registry in the search bar and navigate to Application Registry.
  3. Click New.
  4. Click Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients. You'll be routed to “OAuth client application details”.mceclip1.png
  5. Enter the required details as:

  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click the lock icon next to Client Secret.
  8. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret. Paste them both somewhere you'll remember. You'll need them later.
  9. Enter copied details in Simpplr. To do so, navigate to the Simpplr app, and from the user profile image, click Manage > Manage application > Integrations. You also need to enter your ServiceNow URL.


CORS rule

  1. Back in ServiceNow, search for CORS in the search bar and navigate to CORS Rules.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter details as:
  4. Enter * under Exposed headers.mceclip6.png
  5. Click Submit.

ServiceNow integration with Simpplr

After completing the instructions above, App managers can integrate ServiceNow accounts with Simpplr to enable employees to search knowledge bases and raise support tickets within the app.

  1. In Simpplr, from the user profile image, go to Manage > Manage application > Integrations > Support & ticketing and enter the client ID and secret key you generated in the steps above.servicenow_3.gif
  2. The App manager should be able to select up to 10 knowledge bases from ServiceNow to be searchable within Simpplr. To do so, click Connect account. You'll be taken to your ServiceNow account to complete this step.
  3. All users (all roles) are now able to connect their user accounts to ServiceNow using their own ServiceNow credentials from the Profile & settings > External apps section of their user profile.



If ServiceNow is enabled, the 'ServiceNow tickets' item should be displayed in the user menu.


Where SSO is being used, users will have to connect to ServiceNow through SSO first. Upon clicking Connect in Simpplr, the user will be automatically authenticated and redirected back to Simpplr in the connected state.


ServiceNow Notifications

To receive ServiceNow ticket response/status update notifications in Simpplr, App managers will need to install the Simpplr app from the ServiceNow App Store.

Whenever a ticket is updated in ServiceNow with either a response or status change, concerned users in Simpplr will be notified by way of an in-app activity notification. Notifications on ticket status are independent of the source where the ticket was created. For instance, if a user creates one case in Simpplr and two cases in ServiceNow, the user will receive notifications for all three cases in Simpplr. 

This is an example:


To install ServiceNow for Simpplr:

  1. Navigate to the ServiceNow App Store.
  2. Search for Simpplr. You should see the Simpplr Notification App.
  3. Navigate to the App detail page.
  4. Click Get to install the app. Follow the on-screen instructions until the app is installed successfully.


Toggle ServiceNow Knowledge base

For organizations that wish to connect ServiceNow to Simpplr but do not wish to have users access/search the SNOW knowledge base, app managers have the ability to toggle off the knowledge base features for this integration.


The default setting is enabled which works as the standard integration today, whereby users that have connected their SNOW accounts can type in the global search bar and see a tab for ServiceNow knowledge base results.

Disabling the Knowledge base function will leave other SNOW-Simpplr integrations intact while removing the ability for users to query Simpplr and the SNOW knowledge base.

Toggle ServiceNow Ticketing

For organizations that wish to connect Simpplr to the ServiceNow knowledge base but not connect to the Simpplr-ServiceNow ticket features, app managers can toggle on/off the ticketing integration only.


The default setting is Enable which will act as a standard implementation, allowing users who have connected their SNOW account to Simpplr to use the ticketing features within Simpplr.

Toggle ticket creation ability

For organizations that do not wish to allow users to create new ServiceNow tickets within Simpplr but wish to connect to other ticketing features, app managers can toggle on/off the create ticket feature within Simpplr.


Add custom URL pattern for linking tickets and knowledge base articles

Simpplr supports app managers adding in custom URL patterns for links so that the given organization can control which user interface that Simpplr links to for either knowledge base articles or tickets.


Instead of the default (standard implementation today) URL path, app managers can now choose custom and enter in the path the organization needs with calculated values (such as the knowledge base article ID above) wrapped in `{{ }}` a pair of curly brackets.

This feature is available for both SNOW knowledge base and ticketing to give the organization the granular control they need.


API secrets are obscured and are never passed to the Simpplr UI.  To interact with the secret, on hover App Managers will be given the option to edit.  Once clicked they will be able to update the secret but never see what it currently is.


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