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The Enterprise Search functionality in Simpplr allows users to connect any external url-based search to Simpplr and leverage the top nav search to get external results. The results are not displayed within Simpplr, but accessed in a new browser tab by a single click from the Simpplr search results page. If the user has previously visited and authenticated to the external system, the new tab will automatically log them in. However, they will be asked to log in on the first visit.



The Enterprise Search feature is NOT accessible within the mobile application, even if it is configured within the application.

Simpplr does not store any of the search results.

Simpplr can connect to any 3rd system and search it, as long as it is url based. For example, the following systems have beed tried and tested to support this:

  1. Salesforce
  2. Confluence
  3. Coveo (app in Salesforce)
  4. Google Search
  5. Google Drive (MyDrive & Shared Drive)
  6. ServiceNow Knowledge Base
  7. LinkedIn


    These are just some examples. You can connect any 3rd party search service.

To configure a 3rd party search system to Simpplr, the App manager must:

  1. Navigate to the menu and click Manage > Manage application. Click the Integrations tab and choose Search. Then input the name of the search provider, followed by the appropriate url. As the System admin or Application manager, you can edit the search provider name to display however you'd like. For example: instead of just saying "SharePoint", you can call it SharePoint Enterprise Search, Google Enterprise Search, Confluence Enterprise Search, etc. See the list of common search providers below.
  2. Once complete, click Save. Now your intranet users will see the 3rd party search provider when searching in Simpplr.
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