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What are subscriptions?

Subscriptions are used to automatically assign an audience to site membership or to follow a site or person.


An audience is a subset of the employees based on any combination of their user attributes like company, department, division, city, state, country or people category. When you add a new user to an audience, and that audience is subscribed to a site, that user will automatically be subscribed to the site.

  • Subscriptions can be made to follow public, private or unlisted sites, and all people.
    • If a System administrator or Application manager pushes a subscription to a site for which they are not part of the management team, an approval request will be sent to the Site owner and Site managers to approve the subscription
  • Subscriptions can be mandatory.
  • Subscriptions can be created for everyone in the organization or can be created within a segment.

Add subscriptions

You can add subscription by navigating to your user profile image and clicking Manage > Subscriptions, or from Manage site > Subscriptions.



When adding a subscription you can choose whether to create it for everyone in the organization or to use an audience. 


Subscriptions for everyone in the organization 

Subscriptions can be made to include everyone in the organization. This allows you to auto-follow all employees to a site or person that is relevant to everyone. 

It is possible to make a mandatory subscription to a site that includes everyone in the organization, meaning that no employees could unfollow that site.




Subscriptions for an audience

Creating a subscription for an audience allows you to auto-follow specific groups of employees to relevant sites and people based on their interests. Now, you can easily select an already created audience.



Subscriptions can also be based on a segment if Segments are enabled.

Once a user is added to a subscription, they're automatically made a member of the site(s) that subscription is tied to. However, if that user if removed form the subscription, they're not automatically removed from the site. They will need to be removed from the site by the Site owner/manager. 

Re-run Subscriptions

Re-run subscription can be used for scenarios where subscriptions overlap or were created after the majority of users were already in the org. This way, you would be able to apply or reapply the subscription, eliminating the hassle of removing and then re-adding another subscription with the same details.

You can also re-run a subscription when:

  • You want to add a user (or users) back to the site if they were removed by a Site owner/manager
  • You need to add members to an audience or subscription. This should happen automatically upon placing a new user in an audience, but if for any reason that doesn't happen, re-running the subscription should allow the changes to take effect. 
  • You need to remove members from an audience and relocate them to a different audience. Note, removing someone from an audience does not remove them from the subscribed site. They must still be removed from the site at the site level.


If you're managing site with a mandatory subscription, you can remove members, but they will automatically be added back the next time the subscription runs in Schedulers or if the subscription is re-run.


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  • Hi Matthew,
    If I wanted to delete both subscription & audience it's associated with, do I delete subscription first and then audience?

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  • Hi Aileen. That's correct. You always need to delete the subscription the audience is associated with first, then delete the audience.

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  • Hi! Couple questions:
    - An all employee subscription automatically updates as new users (employees) join and/or leave the company, correct?
    - When assigning this to a site do all employees get a notification they've been added as a member to the site?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hey Chris! Great questions. 1: Correct. Any new user that joins will be added to an all employee subscription. 2: No, employees will not be notified that they've been added to a subscription for a site. They will just be added as members and have access to the site.

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  • Hi Matthew,

    Does this also meant that new employees are also added to already created audiences?

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  • Hey Rob. Yes, the same process applies to Audiences as well, if that audience was created using User attributes, and the new user has one or more of those attributes.

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