Best Practices - End User Support Structure

In order to help your users get the most out of your intranet, it’s important to provide a few key resources to help support them.

Help Desk

Providing a help desk or ticketing system for your end users will help ensure that no issues or inquiries from your users go unaddressed.

  • Access or provisioning problems
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Other instruction inquiries

Intranet Resource Site

In order to help self serve your user’s questions or inquiries, providing a resource or training site on your intranet is a great place for them to start.  Whether training videos, manuals, how to articles, best practices, or content creation criteria, a resource site within your intranet for your users can be invaluable in helping answer their questions before they create a ticket or reach out to others for assistance.

  • Training videos
  • Frequently asked questions


  • Site standards, branding criteria, or best practices for your users to leverage when creating content or managing their own intranet sites.

User Surveys

Often on an annual basis, many choose to survey their users in order to get an unfiltered view of how well they are able to take advantage of it and to get an honest perspective of how useful they find it to be.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): Indicates how likely the user is to recommend your intranet to others
  • Use Cases: Determine what purposes your users are actively leveraging your intranet for
  • Problem Areas: Determine the gaps or areas for improvement that would be most beneficial to your users.
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