Smart Notifications

What are Smart Notifications?

Smart notifications group similar content and feed post in-app notifications together. 

Grouping notifications on posts in a feed

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If you create a post or interact with a post, notifications for the same activity on that post will be grouped into a single notification. For example, all notifications for likes on that post will be grouped together. 

Grouping notifications on content

If you author, collaborate, or interact with a piece of content, notifications for the same activity on that piece of content will be grouped into a single notification. For example, all notifications for likes on a piece of content will be grouped together. 

Here are the ways notifications may be grouped:

  • all likes on your content
  • all comments on your content 
  • all likes on your comment(s)
  • all replies to your comment(s)
  • all likes on your replies
  • all replies to your replies


all the likes your post received are grouped together


all comments your page received are grouped together

Unseen/unread notifications

All unseen and unread notifications for the same activity on the same piece of content/or feed post will be grouped into a single notification. Notification timestamps will be updated per the last activity while unread/unseen. 

Enable browser notifications

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You can enable org notifications in your browser (i.e. Browser Notifications). To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Profile > Settings, or or you can follow the prompt in your notification drawer. 
  2. You'll be prompted to Allow notifications. Click it to allow browser notifications. 
  3. If prompted, Allow your app to send you browser notifications.
  4. Once enabled, you'll see a success message and be re-routed.


allowing browser notifications in Profile > Settings


allowing browser notifications in notification drawer


allow prompt for browser notifications


allow prompt in your browser to show notifications


success message


browser notification


For Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, the browser must be running for you to receive browser notifications. 

Notifications settings

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Smart notifications ensures all your notifications are well-structured and user-friendly.

    1. In My Settings > Notifications, the Notifications tab comprises Email, Browser, Mobile, and Summaries & Digests.
    2. To select which notifications you'd like to receive in each of these tabs, go to the tab (like Email) and click the arrow next to a notification group.
    3. Alert and Must Read email notifications are now permanently enabled and cannot be changed by app managers or users.


list of email notifications


email org communications are enabled by default and can't be changed


You can select the recommended option to use default notifications. 

Validation notifications

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If a piece of knowledge content requires your validation, you'll receive an actionable validation notification for it. If the content is either validated or unpublished while in your notification drawer, the notification will be withdrawn. 


validation notification

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