Denali Release Notes


See what’s new at Simpplr with the Denali release.
Denali improves how users interact with and manage their content. The highlights of this release are:

  • Simpplr Video: Denali adds Simpplr Video as a premium feature. With this add-on, videos will no longer require sharing third party links. Simpplr video provides a secure and reliable platform for video sharing. Users can now add Simpplr videos from any device. Simpplr videos are managed and played directly in Simpplr, and can be added to feeds, comments, posts, pages, events, albums, and tiles. If you’re interested in Simpplr video, please reach out to your Simpplr customer success manager.
  • Smart Notifications: Denali improves Simpplr notifications by grouping similar in-app notifications together, reducing noise. With the introduction of browser notifications, and restructuring notification settings to allow on/off enablement for groups, Denali’s improved notifications allow for our most effective comms yet.
  • Site members and followers: With the introduction of Site Followers for public sites, you can now follow a site, or request to be a member of a site for more in-depth notifications. Following a site will give you general updates and access to its content. If you want to get every update and access all content on a site, you can now request to be a member.
  • Content filters: Denali gives users the tools to quickly find the content they need using filters. Filters also come with a sort function to make finding the content you need easier than ever.
  • Page language confirmation: Content authors now have the option to declare the original content language of their pages. By having the author select which language the page was written in, our translation service doesn't have to detect the source language, ensuring more accurate translations for the end user. 


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