App Management: Schedulers & Troubleshooting Setup

Schedulers setup

Use this walkthrough to set up schedulers for your application's jobs. 


Only System admins can set schedulers. These should only be set by a System admin Service account within Salesforce that will never become deactivated (this can be the Simpplr Service account, or your own). This is because if the scheduler is aligned with a personal System admin account, and that admin leaves the company, the scheduler will stop running when the account becomes deactivated. 

Scheduler run times are based on the time zone of the user's account used to set the schedulers. For example, if the System admin who set the schedulers is based out of New York, the schedulers will run on Eastern time.
  • Name: The scheduler names are described in more detail below
  • Frequency: This shows how frequent the scheduler is set to run
  • Last execution: This will show whether the last time the scheduler was run was automated or manual
  • Last run: This highlights the last time the scheduler was run
  • Next run: This will show when the scheduler is scheduled to run nextSchedulers new.png


We recommend you click the drop-down arrow and select Schedule for all jobs. 

This will make sure Simpplr's scheduled jobs every night to send out email notifications, add users to mandatory sites, synchronize user information changes from your user syncing source, and collect analytics data.

If you've made changes to user records in the source account, and you want the change to appear in Simpplr straight away, you can click Run Now next to SchedulerSimpplrServices instead of waiting for the scheduled job to run at night.


Schedulers Explained  
SchedulerBatchPendingApprovalDigest Synchronizes data for ‘Pending Approvals Email’ (Pending content moderation submissions and site membership requests).
SchedulerBatchInsertPeopleRecords Synchronizes new user information from Salesforce and adds to Simpplr People data.
SchedulerSimpplrServices Synchronizes user information changes from Salesforce, Workday, Okta, Google, Active Directory, or CSV/flat file provisioning in a nightly batch, based on your user syncing source.
SchedulerBatchTopStories Synchronizes data for Popular content (Top stories) emails.
SchedulerBatchEmailDigest Synchronizes data for Digest emails
SchedulerBatchNotificationDigest Synchronizes data for daily email notifications based on user’s notification settings. This does not relate to summaries & digest emails, and is only applicable to users who have opted in for summarized email notifications.
SchedulerAnalytics Synchronizes data for analytics.
SchedulerHourlySimpplrServices Synchronizes data for the Newsletter, Subscriptions and Segments.


Troubleshooting setup

This section is for troubleshooting or when you need to disable some Simpplr (Apex) triggers when implementing another app within Salesforce. For Simpplr to work properly, all the triggers need to be checked.



You can enable debugging for troubleshooting under Exception handling. For normal operations, leave both Debug enabled and Show error stack trace within interface unchecked.


View scheduler info in Salesforce

To see which accounts set up which schedulers in your org:
  1. Navigate to Salesforce, then click Setup in the upper right-hand corner. In the Quick Find box, type in Scheduled Jobs and click.
  2. From here, you can view all schedulers your org currently has enabled, as well as which Salesforce/Simpplr account was used to create the scheduler and when.all_scheduled_jobs.png
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  • Hello,

    I'm a little fuzzy on the differences between the SchedulerBatchInsertPeopleRecords and the SchedulerSimpplrServices schedulers. If my SSO feeds, Okta, feeds to SalesForce, would the correct scheduler to run be SchedulerSimpplrServices?

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  • What is the reason one may run or schedule this SchedulerBatchPendingApprovalDigest scheduler?

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  • Hi Sharon. This scheduler ensures any content submission requests and/or site membership requests are getting to the approver.

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