Mobile Release Notes: 2020-06

Simpplr’s sixth release of this year, 2020-06, further improves the mobile user experience.




  • Event date & time format standardization: Like the web in mobile, users will see a standardized date and time format of events across all the time zones to be in sync with events displayed on the web.
  • Page language translation: Similar to the web, from this release onwards users would be able to translate the page content in their selected language from content's original language.
  • Launchpad: Simpplr web provides quick access to frequently used applications and links through the launchpad. Similar to web mobile, Launchpad has links and app which can be used to access the applications and links which users can access or SSO into. 
  • Media files support in the landscape: In the process of providing the experience in a different orientation, with this release, we are allowing the user to view media files in landscape mode.


Event date & time format standardization

From this release onwards, event date & time format will be standardized across the web and mobile app.


Page language translation

From this release onwards, if the user has selected a different language in settings and wants to read the content published in a language different from the selected language. They would be able to translate the same content in their selected language by simply tapping on the Translate and view original to re-translate the content in the content’s original language.





From this release onwards, users will be able to access apps and links from launchpad the same way they access the apps and other links through the ‘Apps’ section in web. Users can find the Apps section under the side navigation in mobile and can directly launch the app or open the added links.




Media files support in the landscape:

In the process to make reading and viewing experience better, from this release onwards user will be able to view images, read pdf files and watch videos in landscape mode along with an option to zoom images and pdf.


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