Service Account Setup


 If you're migrating to Cerro, you'll have to create a service account in order to make the Simpplr platform accessible to the users in your organization. Until the service account is created and connected, only system admins can access Simpplr platform.

Service account is required for:

  • Enabling Smart search

  • Enabling Slack notifications

  • Enabling Service now notifications


Connect your service account

In order to connect a service account, you or the Simpplr CS team must login via the system admin account and do the following:

1. Create a new service account.

  • Create a new account with the following permissions in Salesforce: 
    • *Modify All Data Permission*
    • *Manage Unlisted Site Permission*
  • The org should follow a standard format while creating the service account.
    • Example:

2. Connect service account.

  • Login with your service account.
  • Go to the Manage App >>Post Install setup screen.
  • Go to the Service account setup section, and connect the account.

Note: All other steps necessary for post installation can be completed via service account as well.

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