Google Calendar Integration 

Application managers, Site owners/managers, and End users can add a Google Calendar tile in addition to the existing Events tile on the Home and Site dashboards. Integrate your Google Calendar to display its events and open its details in Google Calendar directly.

Note this is a one-way communication method. You cannot currently post Simpplr events to Google Calendar.

Integrating and connecting

The App manager for your org must first connect Google Calendar at the application level. Group admin permissions for the calendar app are required. To do so:

Go Manage application > Integrations > Calendar integration. Click Sign in with Google.

  • If the Google Drive integration is already enabled, the domain for Google Calendar should match the domain used for your Google Drive.


To connect Google Calendar at the user level, navigate to your user profile and select Edit profile & settings > External apps > Google Calendar > Sign in with Google. All End users as well as Application managers must connect at the user level.Google_calendar_2.gif

Adding events

Depending on App management governance settings, you can add Google Calendar tiles to Home or Site dashboards. To do so:

Go to Add Tile (the + icon at the bottom of the screen) > Add content tile (Add pages, events, albums & blog post tiles) > Events.

Here you can link your Google Calendar. The calendar dropdown can display a maximum of 250 events for you to choose from.

This is how Google Calendar events appear in the Events tile:




If the Simpplr Home dashboard is user-controlled, users will have the ability to add events linked from Google Calendar to their dashboards. Also, if Content type = Events are turned off at the app level, users won't be able to add or see the Google Calendar event tile on their dashboards.

Calendar visibility and expected functionality

Shared calendars: When adding a shared calendar to your Simpplr tiles, it should be visible to all users whom it's shared with, unless the calendar got renamed after adding as a tile, or someone's access to it was removed via Google. Note if a calendar is shared across multiple domains, it still will not be visible to users in Simpplr if they're connected to a different domain than that of the calendar owner/source domain.

Personal calendars: The events from a personal calendar, if added as a tile, would be visible to only those who have access from within Google. 

Public calendars and corporate calendars: These are not supported by this integration. 

Multi-domain calendar support

If a calendar is shared across multiple domains, it will not be visible to users in Simpplr if they're connected to a different domain than that of the calendar owner/source domain.

When a user from one domain,, shares calendar to a user from another domain,, then the calendars returned from Graph API for Jane.Doe for  will have the result of "owner = null". In Google Calendar, Simpplr does not have a unique calendar ID for a shared calendar across users, therefore we are relying on the owner name and calendar name for shared calendars. Since in cross domain calendars, we get "owner = null" from the API, our shared calendar logic will not be supported in shared calendars across domains.

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  • How can we add one particular google calendar to the home page so that all Simpplr users can see? The instructions above are for connecting to the calendar at the user level (meaning each user has to connect to their own Google account).

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  • Hi John. For that you'd need an App manager-controlled home dashboard that End users cannot edit. That's done through the Manage > Application menu. Then you would create an Event tile on the home dashboard and make it a shared Google Calendar tile.

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  • Where are the instructions on how to adjust how many events show at one time in a calendar?

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  • Hi Rob. There is no controlling the number of events you can show with a calendar integration tile. By default, the tile will show the next 4 events you have upcoming. When you click show more, it will show the next 4, and so on until you reach 250. That's the max the tile can show at once. 

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