Cerro Release Notes


The Cerro release improves how users interact with and manage their content. The main highlights of this release are:


  • Google Drive integration: The improved google drive integration lets users access their google drive files from My Drive in Simpplr. Files from linked google drive folders can now be searched directly from Simpplr or added to dashboard tiles. We’ve also improved all of our file storage integrations; you'll no longer have to enter the client ID and secret when connecting accounts.


  • Notifications: We’ve added new email notifications for alerts, must reads and introduced SMS notifications to help deliver critical communication to users.


  • Protected authors: Cerro improves our ghostwriting capabilities: app managers can now protect specific authors so that only app managers and pre-authorized users can publish on their behalf.


  • Google Calendar integration: You can now display a Google Calendar in the events tile on your dashboards.


  • Analytics enhancements: With Cerro, our improved analytics come with a host of new capabilities: admins can now view benchmarks for important metrics and receive recommendations, and find content referral data from Simpplr emails. The overall experience has been improved as well: important metrics have clearer explanations, default range has been adjusted to Last 30 Days, and content views and engagements can now be compared side-by-side. Moreover, analytics tabs have been renamed and reorganized according to user feedback.


  • Smart feed enhancements:  Simpplr is constantly improving its smart feed Smart Feed functionality to push more and better personalized content to your users. Cerro introduces three new posts: Must-read posts, Upcoming events posts, and People posts (for posts about people - birthdays, new hires and work anniversaries). 


  • Navigation enhancements: With Cerro, we’ve made it easier for users to quickly get to the sites they visit most, directly from the app navigation or from the new and improved sites page while maintaining important organizational hierarchy such as featured sites.


  • Site content pages: We’ve made some big changes to the way users can browse and discover content within sites. We’ve combined the three main content tabs and added more advanced filtering and search controls.


  • ADA compliance: Simpplr is continuing to work towards ADA compliance.


  • Events enhancements: It’s now easier to manage event attendees, get notified about important  updates  and easier to understand events taking place in different time zones.


  • Expertise Enhancements: We’ve improved the way expertise works, making them more powerful and introducing new management tools.


For users other than app managers


  • Improved navigation: With Cerro, we’ve made it easier to get to the sites you visit most, directly from the app navigation or from the new and improved sites page.


  • Site content: We’ve made some big changes to the way you can browse and discover content within sites. We’ve combined the three main content tabs and added more advanced filtering and search controls.


  • Smart feed enhancements: We've improved smart feed functionality to ensure users see more relevant and personalized content suggestions. We’ve also introduced smart celebrations and birthdays (where data is available) into each user's feeds to help encourage engagement and social interactions between connected users.


  • Events enhancements: It’s now easier to manage event attendees, get notified for updates, and understand time zone differences.



Google Drive Integration

With our updated Google Drive integration, users can easily search and share documents from their My Drive folders. This is achieved by linking the entire Google My Drive folder with a Simpplr site.


File Manager

Going to File Manager and entering the Google Drive Files tab will show you all the sites integrated with Google Drive of which you're a member.




Clicking on a linked site will show the list of all files and folders that are linked to Google Drive from that site.



Searching for Files

Searching for Google Drive files in Simpplr will only return files that have been linked in Simpplr.

If you're a member of a site where the My Drive folder is linked, you'll be able to search for the files, regardless of Google Drive permissions.


Files' shortcuts are not included in search results.


Migration and Disconnection

  • Migration: If you upgrade to Cerro after you're already connected Google Drive, access management permissions will be set to Simpplr. 
  • Disconnection: If you disconnect the Google Drive account at the user level, your integrations will be turned off and the links will be disconnected. Disconnecting at the manage application level will turn off the integration and disconnect the folders for everyone that has enabled Google Drive. 



With Cerro, Alerts andsMust-reads can be broadcasted to users from multiple channels:

  • Emails for Alerts
  • SMS for Alerts
  • SMS for Must-reads
  • Push notification for Alerts
  • Push notification for Must-reads

Push important information to your users as quickly as possible by composing alert messages, marking them must-read, and choosing the best channel(s) to reach your users.


Updated App Manager Default Settings


SMS notifications

App Managers can enable SMS notifications for their org in Manage Application > General. By default, SMS notifications will not be enabled. Select the Enable SMS notifications check box to enable SMS notifications settings for your organization. This will allow app managers and users to choose their SMS notification preferences. 




There's a new section for SMS notifications in Manage Application > DefaultsApp managers can now enable/disable SMS notifications by default for Alerts & Must-reads.


Users will not receive SMS notifications if Do Not Disturb is activated. 


Mobile app notifications

There's a new section for Mobile app notifications in Manage Application > DefaultsApp managers can now set defaults for all the mobile app notifications, including all the existing notifications (for Profile, Feed, Content, and Site managers) listed in Profile settings > Notifications > Native app.




Alert emails

There's a new section called Organization in Manage Application > Defaults > Email notificationsApp Managers can enable/disable Email notifications for Alerts. 




Updated UserDefault Settings


SMS notifications

There's a new section for SMS in User profile> My Settings > Notifications. 



Mobile app notifications

Users have a new setting under Organization for alerts, and a new setting under Content for must-reads.


Alert Emails

Users have a new setting under Organization in User profile > My Settings > Notifications > Email



Protected Authors

Currently, whoever has edit and publish rights can change the author of a piece of content. With the Cerro release, we've introduced Protect Authors and an Allow List to better control authorship of content.  Go to Manage Application > Setup > Privileges > Author Security to update the Protected Author and Allow Lists. 

In App Manager settings, high-profile users can be added to the list of Protected Authors. Any user in the Protected Authors list can only have their content edited by users in the Allow List. Furthermore, only users in the Allow List can change authorship of a piece of content to users in Protected Authors.





Google Calendar Integration 

With Cerro, app managers can now add a Google Calendar tile, in addition to the existing Events tile on the home and site dashboard. Integrate your Google Calendar to display its events, and click on an event to open its details in Google Calendar directly.


Integrating and Connecting

To integrate Google Calendar to your Simpplr app, to go Manage Application > Integrations > Calendar integration. Click connect.

To connect Google Calendar at the user level, go to My Settings > External Apps > Google Calendar > Connect account


Adding Events

Google Calendar tiles can now be added to home or site dashboards. Going to Add Tile > Add Content Tile > Events will now allow you to add events from a linked Google Calendar. You can only add events from Google Calendar that you have access to. The calendar dropdown can display a maximum of 250 events for you to choose from.




This is how Google Calendar events appear in the Events tile:





If the Simpplr home dashboard is user controlled, users will have the ability to add events linked from Google Calendar to their dashboards. Also, if Content type = Events is turned off at the app level, users won't be able to add or see the Google Calendar event tile on their dashboards.


Events Tab

With Cerro, the Events tab UI has been updated. You can now click on Google Calendar to see all Google Calendar events, and events are listed chronologically, starting with this week. 


Add Recent and Starred Files

In the Add Files tile, users and app managers can now add Recent and Starred Google Drive files.


Only files are shown in the Add Files tile, not Google Drive folders.





You can also pick custom files. If picked by an app manager, files are displayed based on the user's Google Drive access. Files can be also be picked from Google Drive files and folders linked with Simpplr.


Analytics Enhancements

Our new Smart Analytics connect the dots between numbers and actionable goals. To make analytics even easier to leverage, Cerro offers better explanations on several important metrics. Check our our analytics’ new capabilities and experience improvements: 



New capabilities:


  • Analytics admins can now view benchmarks for the most important metrics, to know where they stand among similar peers. In addition, they now receive personalized recommendations on how they can improve each metric, and they can take action right from there.

Note: The benchmarking analytics tile in App Analytics > Adoption doesn't support filtering by segment. 


  • Analytics admins can now find content referral data from notification emails, newsletters, and SMS.


Experience improvements:


  • The most important metrics are now explained better. Analytics admins will receive guidance on why these metrics are important, and how to leverage the metrics to achieve their goals.


  • Compare content views and engagements side-by-side.


  • Better language to describe login metrics.


  • Change default date range to "Last 30 days".


UX Enhancement:


  • Tiles under tabs are reorganized. For Cerro, tabs are renamed according to what our users are looking for, and tiles are moved to where they should belong. Moving forward, the tabs will each help achieve a clear goal and/or answer a specific question.


Smart Feed Enhancements 

Simpplr is constantly improving its smart feed Smart Feed functionality to push more and better personalized content to your users. Cerro introduces three new posts: Must-read posts, Upcoming events posts, and People posts (for posts about people - birthdays, new hires and work anniversaries). 


Must-read posts

Similar to must-read content, must-read posts will send notifications to site members that they have a must-read post. Unread must-read content will be displayed above the post box.



Upcoming events

All upcoming events for next 7 days would be displayed in this post (starting from the latest basis date and time).All the events from the site user follows or where the user is invited, will be included, and all the events where user RSVPd no, will be excluded. 



People posts (birthdays, anniversaries, new hires)

People posts are for anything about the people in your organization. However, not all people-related updates may in an organization will be relevant to every user. To address this, Cerro's new algorithm shows personalized results for each user based on their profile and relationships in their organization. 


Order of items in Carousel

Cerro updates the way pieces of content are ordered in the Carousel:

  • Items are primarily separated and ordered by category. 
  • Then, for each of the categories, items are ordered by occurrence.
  • Finally, items are ordered by relevancy.


Navigation Enhancements

Cerro has improved navigation to sites with a sites menu. With the sites menu, you can jump to the sites you access most as well as the sites most important to you. You'll also notice a cleaner main navigation interface. 

Check out the Sites dropdown for this new feature. 




Site Content Pages

Currently site content is split into 3 different tabs: Page/Album/Events. With Cerro, content navigation has been significantly improved with the new Content tab, which combines the content of three previous tabs - Page, Album, and Events - into a single location. Check out Latest, Popular, and Events to see uniquely tailored content all in one place. 




Events Enhancements

Cerro has made Simpplr events even better with new capabilities. 


New capabilities:

For events that are open for RSVP, site admins and event authors/organizers can now remove people who RSVP'd. This gives them full control on managing attendees list and take actions when necessary. 


For the following event updates, author/organizers/attendees will now receive email and in-app notifications by default. As usual, they can turn off these notifications in the settings, or the app administrator can override the setting: 

  • When event is deleted.

  • When event that's yet to end is unpublished.

  • When event title/date/time/location/direction/map/description/files and attachments is updated.

    • Whoever edits the event can choose to send an email notification.



  • When someone is removed from an event RSVP list, they will now receive email and in-app notifications by default.




  • When someone is invited to an event, they will now receive email and in-app notifications by default. 



  • When someone RSVPs or update their RSVP response to an event, event authors/organizers will now receive daily email and in-app notification by default.




  • When someone RSVPs 'yes' to an event, he will now receive a confirmation email.




Event experience improvements:

We've standardized way to show event date and time across different timezones.



(Screenshot is showcasing one example scenario)

Event capacity is now displayed on the event detail page, just like everywhere else.




We've improved experience for inviting people to events.




Expertise Enhancements

Currently, Topics and Expertise are not stored as distinct entities, and are blended in a same list. This makes it difficult for users to leverage them: after all, topics classify content, whereas expertise classifies people. 

With Cerro, we wanted to address this as follows:

  • Topics and Expertise are now stored separately
  • Governance settings for App manage


Storing Topics and Expertise Separately

With Cerro, terms used as tags for content and feed posts/replies care considered Topics. Terms used to define expertise in users' profiles are considered Expertise, and are stored separately from topics in their own list. 

In the new expertise list:

  • Terms are not case sensitive. “HR”, “hr” and “Hr” to be considered as same.
  • Expertise can have spaces. “Human Resources” or “I’m good at dancing” are acceptable.
  • Duplicated entires are eliminated.


Governance Settings

App Managers have governance over the Expertise list. In addition to the existing setting, a new setting would be introduced to restrict additions in the expertise list.

Manage Application > Setup > Governance (under Expertise)


Manage expertise screen

There's a new interface for app managers to better manage expertise list. App managers are able to view/search/add/edit/merge/delete expertise from this screen.



The screen would display complete list of expertise on the platform(sorted by descending order of employee count). On clicking on any expertise, it would display a list of people with that expertise.

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