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If you manage more than one Site, you can go to “My Content”, to manage Content for all of the Sites that you manage, find your drafts and pending Content that is waiting to be approved.

To access “My Content”, click on your avatar at the upper right-hand corner, go to “My Content” in the dropdown User menu. 

If you want to find Content ,you can use the “Search…”. Box.

On the “My Content” Page, you can filter by type, status, and created date, published date, and modified date. 

To see a list of Content that is waiting to be approved, click on “ Statuses” and select “pending”. You can click on the title to see the Content details. You can approve or reject the Content from the drop-down menu.

You can also filter down the listing as per “Content-type” , “Sites” or “Author” .

To find the drafts you have saved, click on “All Statuses” and select “Draft”.

To find Content that has expired or hasn’t arrived at the publication date yet, select “Unpublished” from the “Statuses” menu.

Click on the “Options” drop-down menu to see the available options for that piece of Content. For example, for a published article, you will see the options to edit, delete, unpublish, 

You can also select multiple pieces of Content, then click on the “Bulk Action” drop-down menu and select an action.

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