Tiles are what make up the display of your home and site dashboards on your Simpplr intranet. There are different types of tiles you can add to personalize your dashboards across sites.

Click on the + icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the Dashboard to bring up a list of the tiles that you can add to your Site Dashboard. Tiles are split into five categories - Content, Sites, Organization, Rich text & links and External. You can change the title of all the tiles. 

Content tiles

When adding Content tiles you can choose between a Recommended, Latest & popular, Pages from category, Onboarding and Custom tile.

Recommended, latest & popular content tile

  • Selecting a Latest & popular tile will create a tile with two tabs, one for Latest, which will display the most recently added content, and one for Popular, which will display the most popular content, either from sites you follow or are a member of, or a particular site of your choice.
  • You can choose whether your tile should include All types of content or solely Pages, Events, Albums.
  • If you select an All Content tile or a Pages tile you can choose whether the tile will display as a Standard tile, which will list the items with a small thumbnail of the Cover Image, or as a Showcase tile, which will display a large preview of the top item, with a list of other items below.


The Page tile (basic Content tile) DOES NOT highlight the page author, only the page title and the site it's posted in. the Pages from category tile (shown below) will include the content author in the list.

Pages from category tile

  • As of the Ida release, Simpplr offers a Pages from category content tile on the home dashboard that allows you to include all content from a certain site tagged with a particular category. 
  • This means you can showcase all content from the Human Resources site with the page category "Benefits" if you wish.


This tile highlights the page author in addition to the title, whereas the Page (Content) tile does NOT show the name of the author.


Onboarding tile

The Onboarding tiles will reflect any content that's been tagged as Onboarding for new hires. As per the requirements of onboarding, this tile will only show on your dashboard if you are a new hire within the last 30 days. Check out the New Hire Onboarding article for more information on this feature. 

Custom content tile 

  • In the Custom content tab, you can create a tile showing selected content.
  • You can choose whether the tile will display as a standard tile, which will list the items with a small thumbnail of the Cover Image, or as a showcase tile, which will display a large preview of the top item, with a list of other items below.


Organizational tiles

Sites & categories

  • In the Sites tab, you can create a tile showing selected Sites.  
  • In the Site categories tab, you can create a tile showing Site categories. You can select how many items you want to be displayed from the dropdown menu.


  • In the New Hires tab, you can create a tile showing the most recent Hires in your organization, either from the last 7 or 30 days. 
  • Home Dashboard only - The Celebrations tile is based on user attributes, and will show all users from across the org with an upcoming work anniversary or birthday in the time frame set. Note, this tile won't be populated unless the Hire Date and Birthday fields are selected as Profile fields in Application > Management > People > Profile fields.
  • Site only tab - In the Site members tab, members of your site will be shown
  • Site only tab - In the Site managers tab, individuals managing the site will be shown
  • The Custom tile lets you select users you want to be displayed


  • Choose between adding a tile showing selected Intranet files or files from a 3rd party file management integration you've connected. You can also add any other external storage option enabled.

Recognition tiles

This tile will only be visible to those who have the Recognition Suite add-on product. In addition to the ways to recognize employees from the feed or Recognition hub, users can also nominate others and hand out recognition through two new tiles added to both Home and Site dashboards.

The Recent activity tile allows users to see all relevant award activity from the last 30 days, as well as give recognition directly from the tile.

The Nominate colleagues tile does just that; allows users to nominate colleagues for upcoming recurring awards.

The recognition tile has no site awareness, meaning it will display the same data regardless where it is placed (i.e., site dashboard or home dashboard). For each individual user that sees it, they will see recognition that should have some recent relevance to them, like recognition they have received, recognition their team has received (direct reports, people with the same manager, or the team manager), recognition to people in the same department, and recognition to people in the same location.

Rich text & links tiles

Text, HTML & links

  • Choose between typing and formatting text in the Rich Text tab, or entering any HTML code that you want to be displayed into the HTML tab. You can add up to 20,000 characters in either tab. You can also create a tile to display useful links. The titles of these tiles are searchable in the global search bar

Toggle on/off HTML tiles 

As of the Ida release (June '22), Application managers now have the option to activate or deactivate the HTML tile for home and site dashboard. To do so, go to Manage > Application > Governance. Scroll down until you see HTML tile and select Enable or Disable as needed.

Image & video

  • Choose between creating a tile that displays an image or a video. Once you have chosen the image or video to display you can choose whether to display a link, title and description.

Countdown clock

  • Create a tile displaying a clock counting down to the date/time you specify.


External tiles

Social campaigns

  • Latest & popular

    • The latest campaigns and the ones have been shared the most. (If there are five campaigns with ten shares, and two campaigns with eight shares, the five campaigns with more shares will be in the Latest and Popular tile).
  • Custom
    • This option allows you to search for a particular campaign and add it to the site dashboard. 

Social media & RSS

  • Create a tile displaying the latest Facebook posts from a selected page or group (by entering the www.facebook.com/URL).
  • Create a tile displaying a Twitter feed. For instructions on embedding a Twitter feed to the tile, click here


  • Create a tile displaying an RSS Feed such as your company’s blog, latest industry news or podcasts from external websites.


Users must follow these RSS 2.0 or Atom 1.0 standards when utilizing this tile. Simpplr may not support RSS tiles that do not meet these standards.
    • The endpoints should be publicly accessible without any kind of authentication or restriction.

    • The endpoints should be consumable/readable by automated bot readers without any captcha tests or any other similar steps that require human intervention.

Salesforce apps

Most users won't see this tile, but if you do, just note that it isn't recommended nor applicable to users. 

Site-specific tiles


These tiles are not available on the Home dashboard that App managers control. They are only for use within individual sites. Site managers should only use Site information and Site about tiles once on a site. If they add multiple Information or About tiles, the text in the tiles will just repeat itself. Site managers can use Rich text tiles if multiple text tiles on the Site dashboard are needed.

Sites/Site information

  • You can use this tile for announcements, reminders, or other important information that you want to display on the Site dashboard. You can enter up to 4,000 characters. This tile supports Rich Text. The titles and information contained in these tiles are searchable in the global search bar.

Site about

  • Create a tile that displays the description of the Site that you entered in the Details > Site about field. You can enter up to 1,000 characters.

Page categories

  • Displays Page categories and the number of pages within the category. You can click on the category name to access the pages within the category.


Delete/Edit tile

You can edit or delete a tile by hovering your mouse over the upper right-hand corner of the tile to make the drop-down arrow appear. Click on the drop-down arrow, then click “Edit” to edit the tile, or “Remove” to remove the tile.


Mobile tiles

Note: Not every tile that's available on the desktop version of Simpplr will appear on the mobile app. There are also default tiles that appear on mobile, regardless of whether or not that tile is set up on the web version. See the table below for which tiles are on mobile, and which are not. 

There can be up to five default tiles that will always display on mobile before your own cerated tiles. The default tiles are as follows and will always display in this order.

  • Must Read / Onboarding

  • Top picks (Home) / Popular (Sites) / Recommended

  • Recently Published 

  • Events (If any)

  • Celebration and new hire (from feed - 3 days data)


After the five default tiles listed above, tiles should display in the order like this:

  • Row 1 Column 1
  • Row 1 Column 2
  • Row 1 Column 3
  • Row 2 Column 1 and so on

This means the mobile dashboard experience will differ from web dashboards in the following ways:

  • Default tiles will display regardless of whether or not they are present on your web dashboard. This is to surface important and relevant information.

  • Only supported tiles will display (there is no messaging on mobile that will tell users there are tiles present on the web they are not able to see). This is to avoid any confusion and give users a better user experience.



Supported on mobile

From version

Content Page Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Event Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Blog Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Site & categories Site about Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Sites sites Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Site categories Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
About Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Page categories Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Information No  
People Custom people tab Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Site managers Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Site members Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
New hires No  
Celebrations No  
Image & video Picture Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Title Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Description Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
URL Partial  
Video (YouTube) Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Video (Simpplr) Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Text   Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Links Standard Yes iOS: 4.3.0 
Android: 4.30.00
Grid Yes iOS: 4.3.0
Android: 4.30.00
Showcase No  
HTML & Rich text   No  
Files Google No  
Site files No  
Countdown clock   No  
Social campaign   No  
Social media Facebook No  
Twitter No  
RSS   No  
Salesforce apps   No  


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  • Looking forward to being able to use the Pages from category tile on one site with content from a particular category on another site after we're on the Ida release!!!

    One thing I recently noticed is "Grid" is now a tile layout option for Content tiles in addition to "Standard" and "Showcase". Which release/patch was this included in?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Morgan Gross said we could create an iFrame Tile for our Google Calendar. How can we do that? The link she provided (https://support.simpplr.com/hc/en-us/articles/4414006495763-How-do-I-add-iframes-to-a-site-dashboard-or-page-) kept giving me this access error (You're not authorized to access this page.)

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi! the correct link is here: https://support.simpplr.com/hc/en-us/articles/4414006495763. The most important thing is to ensure your Application manager has enabled HTML tiles if you plan on adding iframes to a dashboard.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Matthew,

    Just wanted to confirm - Can Content Managers add tiles to a site dashboard?

    Or can only Site Managers add tiles to a site dashboard?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Aileen. Only Site managers can control the layout of the dashboard, including tiles. 

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Matthew! Question for you...I once was able to create a link that would land on a tile on a site's dashboard. So, when someone clicked on the link, it would go to the site dashboard, but then highlight the tile. I only did it once, and now myself and the site manager have been trying how to recreate that ever since and for the life of me, I can't figure it out! Can you help me figure out how to recreate this?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hey Jeanine. I might need some clarification here. Are you saying you made a link out of a tile that could then be copied & pasted into another location (either on the intranet or elsewhere on the internet)?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Jeanine, I think I understand now. Does this video help you at all

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Matthew! YES!!!! This is it...I must have discovered it by accident and forgot how to retrace how I was able to do it! Thank you so much.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Can I add an audio file to a page other than attaching it, which is only accessible if people download it?

    We don't have podcast capability at our company, so it would be great to just insert an audio file into a page -- using some kind of media player -- so that people can play the audio file right from the page. 

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hey Michelle. I made a video for you to show a possible solution! Take a look and let me know if this helps. 

    Embedding Audio Files to Pages

    Also, here's the code snippet (iframe) I talked about in the video. 

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi, Matthew,

    Thanks for your video and response; however, I don't have the "more" option in my text editor with those three dots to get to the Embed option :/ Any other ideas?




    Comment actions Permalink
  • Sorry, you'll want to open your code view editor through the first button in your version.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Are social feed tiles available on the page level are you limited to external iframe embedding? It would be good to be able to work with these native tiles beyond the dashboard level.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi Jeremy. Tiles are limited to dashboards. You would need to embed the RSS feed as an iframe to your content.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • How do we remove the celebrations tile from a specific site? I don't get the ellipsis menu on that tile when editing the dashboard.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hi John. If you're not seeing the edit dashboard option, you may not have Site manager permissions. Do you know for certain if you're an owner/manager of the site?

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Matthew,

    Yes, I am the site manager. When I hit the edit button for the dashboard, I couldn't see a way to remove that "tile." It's gone today, so looks like it was not a tile and was displaying in the feed only because there was a work anniversary yesterday. It was not the normal celebrations tile, either, it didn't have the big "X celebrations" and I couldn't scroll through the content. I could, however, "View all," which took me to another page. It's gone today so I can't give more specifics.

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Turns out there is a member of the site with a work anniversary today, so scratch that theory. /shrug

    Comment actions Permalink
  • Hey John. Sorry to hear you're seeing this. I think it may be the celebrations smart feed block, which unfortunately is not editable. It's just a component of the site feed. 

    Comment actions Permalink

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