Content Notifications

What are content notifications? 

Content notifications let you get notified about actions relating to content you have authored or contributed to.

When someone likes, shares, comments or replies to a comment on an item of content you have authored or contributed to (edited at some point during the publication process) you will automatically receive notifications relating to each event. 

These notifications can be turned on or off for individual items of content from the options menu (...). Select Page notifications (where page represents the content type) and then turn notifications on or off. These notifications apply only to the content item and not comments and replies.




Notification grouping

Starting with the Denali release, if you author, collaborate, or interact with a piece of content:

  • Notifications for the same activity on that piece of content will be grouped into a single notification.
    • i.e. all notifications for likes on that content will be grouped together. 

Here are the ways notifications may be grouped:

  • all likes on your content
  • all comments on your content 
  • all likes on your comment(s)
  • all replies to your comment(s)
  • all likes on your replies
  • all replies to your replies



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