Must-Read Content

Important content can be marked as must-read, requiring users confirm that they have read it.


Which content can be made must-read?

    • Pages, Albums, Events from any public or private site and blog posts can be made must-read.


Who can make content must-read?

    • App managers can make any public site content must-read, any content from private sites they are a member of and any users blog posts must-read.
    • The site owner, site managers and site content managers of each site which has been granted must-read privileges in manage app.


Who is required to read must-read content?

    • App managers can make content from a public site must-read for the entire organization (all employees) or only the members of that site. 
    • App managers can also make blog posts must-read to the entire organization.
    • App managers can make content from a private site which they are a member of must-read for members of that site.
    • Site owner, site manager and site content managers can make content from sites they manage must-read for members of that site.


How to make content must-read

    • Make sure you have the correct permission to make content must-read, navigate to the content page you want to make must-read and from the options menu (...) select Make must read.





When a new employee joins your organization they will be required to confirm they have read all currently active must-reads which apply to them. We recommend regularly checking active must-reads to ensure they are still required.





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