Manage Site members and followers

As a Site owner or manager, you can add, edit or remove members and followers of your site. To do so:

From the site dashboard, go to Manage site > People




From the People tab, you can add or remove members and add or remove managers. For easy navigation, you can filter site members by Everyone or Managers.


Site members and followers

There are two audience categories for public sites: site members and site followers. These two categories give site managers the flexibility to send comms to only site members, or to both site members and followers. This works for:

  • alerts
  • must-reads
  • site notifications
  • newsletters


Site members

Site members are the intended core user group of a site. Users will always receive all comms from a site they're a member of. 

Site managers can select and add users as site members to match the site's audience profile.


Site followers

While site followers can access the site's content, feed, and files like a regular member, they don't have to receive all of a site's comms that a site member receives.


Note: Private or unlisted sites can't have site followers. Only public sites can have site followers. For public sites, App managers can create subscriptions for site members or followers.


Select an audience category 

On selecting a public site, Site managers will get the option to send comms to either site members, or both site members and site followers. This can be done for alerts, must-reads, newsletters, and site notifications:









Site notifications:





Follow or request membership

A user can follow or request membership of a public site by clicking the arrow next to the follow button on a site's landing page. If a user requests membership, the site's managers and owners will be notified of the request. 





To unfollow a site, click the same arrow next to Follow.




If a user tries to follow a private or unlisted site, they'll receive this prompt to request membership:members_7.png



Users will receive a notification when they're made a site member, and Site managers will receive a notification when one of their sites gets a membership request:





Add or remove members

To add a new member, enter the name of the user in the Add person box, then select the user from the drop-down. 

To remove a member or follow, click on the drop-down arrow next to the user’s name, then click Remove. If you do not see the user, enter the name in the Search box to search for the member or follower, then click Remove from the drop-down menu. 





Please note if you're managing site with a mandatory subscription, you can remove members, but they will automatically be added back the next time the subscription runs in Schedulers.

Add or remove managers

To make someone a manager, add the user as a member of the site, then click Make manager next to their name. 

To remove the manager, click Remove manager next to their name.


Change Site owner

If you are the Site owner, you will also see the option to make someone else the owner of the site.





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