Manage Members


Go to Manage Site > Members to manage members. 




From the Members tab, you can add or remove members and add or remove managers. For easy navigation, you can filter site members by Everyone or Managers.


Add or remove members

To add a new member, enter the name of the user in the Add Site Member box, then select the user from the drop-down. 

To remove a member, click on the drop-down arrow next to the user’s name, click Remove member. If you do not see the user, enter the name in the Search Site Members box to search for the member, then click Remove Member from the drop-down menu. 




Please note that if you are managing a mandatory Site, you will not see the Remove Member option. Everyone in your organization is required to be a member of mandatory Sites.


Add or remove managers

To make someone a manager, add the user as a member of the Site, then click Make Manager next to their name. 

To remove the manager, click Remove Manager next to their name.


Change site owner

If you are the site owner, you will also see the option to make someone else the owner of the Site.




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