How do I add a site?


Depending on your org's setup, the App manager may have disabled the ability to create sites. Contact your Intranet management team for more information.

To create a new site:

  1. Click the Sites at the top navigation bar, then click All sites. In the top right, click Add site.
  2. Add your site details, including:
      • Name: It's required that you give your site a name. Best practice is to make the name an obvious indicator of the content within the site. This will make it easily searchable (if public), and won't leave team members guessing as to what the site's purpose is.
      • Category: Select the site category that applies to the site you're creating. For more info on site categories, click here.
  3. Give your site the appropriate access type. There are three to choose from:
      • Public sites are accessible to all users. 
      • Private sites can only be accessed by Site owners/managers and members. Site owners/managers can add members to the site or users can request membership. The site will appear in search results and listings to non-members.
      • Unlisted sites can only be accessed by Site owners/managers and members. Site owners/managers can add members to the site. They are not visible in listings or in the search results. If you change an unlisted site to public or private, you cannot change it back to unlisted.
      • Broadcast only allows only certain users to create new posts in the site. Members can only comment on existing posts and they cannot create new posts. The following users can create posts on Broadcast only sites:
        • Public sites - Site owners/managers, App managers, and System admins 
        • Private sites -  Site owners/managers and System admins
        • Unlisted sites - Site owners/managers and users with Unlisted Site administrator permission
  4. Select which content types will be available on the site. By default, pages, events and albums are selected. Deselecting any of these will stop users from being able to add that type of content to the site.
  5. Enable or disable content submission. If enabled, content from members must be approved by an App manager or Site owner/manager. If disabled, only App managers and Site owners/managers can add content to the site.  
  6. Decide what the site's landing page will look like. Choose whether you would like to have a Dashboard on your site. If you do have a Dashboard, it will automatically act as your landing page. Dashboards can contain a carousel, tiles and a feed. If you choose not to have a Dashboard you can decide which page of the site will be your landing page. Choose between the Feed page, Content page, Files page or About page.
  7. Finally, click Add site to add your site. 

Now you can manage and edit your site from any location where you find sites. It will be searchable and navigable in the Sites menu. For best practices on managing sites, check out this article!

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  • Hi Annette. You can convert an unlisted site to public or private, but once you convert from unlisted, you cannot revert the site back to unlisted.

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  • Can I convert an unlisted site into a public site?

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