Sites Overview

What is a Site?

Sites let you collaborate and distribute content to a specific group of people. A site can be related to a department (HR, Marketing, IT, etc), a project, or a common interest.

For instance, if you're working on a team project, you can create a site for your team to share project-related files and information. You can also post discussions to talk about the project using the site’s Feed.




  • Everyone can add sites, unless disabled by your App Manager
  • Sites can have the following:
    • Dashboard
    • Feed
    • Pages
    • Albums (photos and videos)
    • Files
    • Events


Site Types

There are three types of sites:

Public sites:

You can create public sites that allow everyone to view and follow. Anyone can see and add posts, comments, files, create pages, news, and events. If a user create pages/news/events, the content will need to be approved by site owners or managers before they appear on the sites.

Private sites:

Only group members can see and add posts, comments, files and all the site content. People must ask to join or be added by the site owner/managers. 

Private sites appear when you click on the Site icon on the left hand navigation. There is a lock icon next to the site name.

Unlisted sites:

Unlisted sites can only be seen by site members and Salesforce system admin. Non-members will not see the site any where, including the All site index.

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