Version history

BLANC (May 2020)

  • Smart feed

    Better content discovery. Get personalized, popular content recommendations and updates on latest content.
  • Site content managers

    New role for better site management and control. Can conduct all content management activities: Add, Edit, Publish, Unpublish, and Approve any content on a site. Can also opt in for notifications and validate knowledge content.
  • Content collaboration

    Site Content Managers/Site Managers/Site Owners/App Managers would now be able to collaborate (view/edit) on a content even on draft stage. Authorship can be updated in draft mode.
  • Content-Localization

    On demand content localization. Translate content to your preferred language or switch back to the original language.
  • Analytics enhancements

    Better insights on promotion channel effectiveness (content referrals) and user engagement.
  • Search filters

    Improved search with additional filters for Content, People and Intranet Files.
  • Topic suggestions

    Topic additions made easy with our topic recommendations on the content creation page.
  • ServiceNow

    Select and define impact & urgency(Low/Med/High) for your service now tickets. Select category and subcategory as well.
  • Feedback

    Direct channel for users to provide product feedback, ask questions, and opt-in for user experience research.
  • Enterprise search

    Ability to perform one consolidated Enterprise search to search all data sources(e.g. Coveo, Google search etc.)
  • Public APIs

    Developers can access and utilize Simpplr public APIs now available for Sites, people, pages, blogs etc.


ANNAPURNA (Feb 2020)

    • Audiences
      Define, save, and reuse an audience across: Subscriptions, Alerts, Newsletters, Social Campaigns, & Segments.

    • Smart Feed
      The feed gets smarter. Get personalized content automatically shown in your feed.

    • People
      Enable up to 5 new profile custom fields and map them to external user sources. Addition of birthday date for profile completeness (if enabled), optimising people category settings screens etc.

    • ServiceNow Notification
      Stay informed. Receive notifications whenever there is any update on your service now tickets.

    • Social Campaigns
      Create social campaigns with or without url for your preferred social networks - LinkedIn and Twitter.

    • UX Enhancements
      On content creation, site selection made easy with our intelligent recommendation engine showing results basis user’s activity and permissions


  • Auto Governance Engine
    Keep your knowledge content always fresh and up-to-date with an industry first feature that automates your content governance and management processes.

  • Mobile app promotion
    Promote your native mobile app across your organization via in-app notification, sms or email and make it easy for employees to download the Simpplr app on their devices.

  • ServiceNow integration
    Enable employees to create, search, and track support tickets and view knowledgebase data without leaving Simpplr.

  • Brightcove integration
    Embed and share Brightcove videos across the organization with our newest video integration.

  • Move content
    Quickly and easily move content (Pages, albums and events) between sites that you manage.

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