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User Syncing & Provisioning in Simpplr

Everest allows system admins to provision Google users directly in Simpplr. Additionally, Azure Active Directory now includes an option to map and sync attributes directly with attributes in Simpplr.



Native video:

Denali adds native video as a premium feature. This add-on provides a secure and reliable platform for video sharing. Videos can be added directly into feeds, posted with comments or attached to content. Videos no longer require third party hosting or sharing links and can all be easily managed within Simpplr. If you’re interested in native video, please reach out to your Simpplr customer success manager.

Smart notifications:

Denali improves Simpplr notifications by grouping similar in-app notifications together, reducing noise. With the introduction of browser notifications, and restructuring notification settings to allow on/off enablement for groups, Denali’s improved notifications allow you even greater control over your comms.   

Site members and followers:

With the introduction of site followers, site managers can now send important communications to only a site’s members, or its followers. If a user follows a site, they’ll get general updates and content access. If they become a site member, they’ll get all updates and full content access



Navigation enhancements:

With Cerro, users can enjoy a new sites index page and sites menu for a streamlined navigation experience.

Smart feed enhancements:

We have improved smart feed functionality to push more and better personalized content to your users. Cerro introduces three new posts: Must-read posts, Upcoming events posts, and People posts (for posts about people - birthdays, new hires and work anniversaries).

Google Drive integration:

The new and improved google drive integration lets users access their google drive files from both Shared drives and My Drive in Simpplr and the files from linked google drive folders can be searched directly in Simpplr. Moreover, the new google drive file tile is an easier way to access your recent and starred google drive files in Simpplr. As an improvement to all file storage integrations, you no longer have to enter the client ID and secret when connecting a file storage account.


Now alerts and must-reads can be broadcasted to users from multiple channels, like emails, SMS and in-app notifications as well. Get important information to your users as quickly as possible by composing alert messages, marking them must-read, and choosing the best channel(s) to reach your users.

Protected authors:

With Cerro, app managers can control who is publishing/editing on an authors' behalf, and both author and contributors of a piece of content receive notifications whenever changes are made.

Analytics enhancements:

With Cerro, our improved analytics come with a host of new capabilities: admins can now view benchmarks for important metrics and receive recommendations, and find content referral data from Simpplr emails. The overall experience has been improved as well: important metrics have clearer explanations, default range has been adjusted to Last 30 Days, and content views and engagements can now be compared side-by-side. Moreover, analytics tabs have been renamed and reorganized according to user feedback.

Google Calendar integration:

Display google calendar in the events on your dashboard.

ADA compliance:

Simpplr is actively working with an external vendor, and is committed to achieving ADA compliance.

Events enhancements:

It’s now easier to manage event attendees, get notified for updates, and understand time zone differences.


Governance for expertise has been improved. App Managers now can control who can create a new expertise, and a new interface for managing the expertise list has been added. From this interface, App Managers can view/search/add/edit/delete expertise.


Site content pages:

Content navigation has been significantly improved with the new content tab, combining pages, albums and events into a single list.


BLANC (May 2020)

  • Smart feed

    Better content discovery. Get personalized, popular content recommendations and updates on latest content.
  • Site content managers

    New role for better site management and control. Can conduct all content management activities: Add, Edit, Publish, Unpublish, and Approve any content on a site. Can also opt in for notifications and validate knowledge content.
  • Content collaboration

    Site Content Managers/Site Managers/Site Owners/App Managers would now be able to collaborate (view/edit) on a content even on draft stage. Authorship can be updated in draft mode.
  • Content-Localization

    On demand content localization. Translate content to your preferred language or switch back to the original language.
  • Analytics enhancements

    Better insights on promotion channel effectiveness (content referrals) and user engagement.
  • Search filters

    Improved search with additional filters for Content, People and Intranet Files.
  • Topic suggestions

    Topic additions made easy with our topic recommendations on the content creation page.
  • ServiceNow

    Select and define impact & urgency(Low/Med/High) for your service now tickets. Select category and subcategory as well.
  • Feedback

    Direct channel for users to provide product feedback, ask questions, and opt-in for user experience research.
  • Enterprise search

    Ability to perform one consolidated Enterprise search to search all data sources(e.g. Coveo, Google search etc.)
  • Public APIs

    Developers can access and utilize Simpplr public APIs now available for Sites, people, pages, blogs etc.


ANNAPURNA (Feb 2020)

    • Audiences
      Define, save, and reuse an audience across: Subscriptions, Alerts, Newsletters, Social Campaigns, & Segments.

    • Smart Feed
      The feed gets smarter. Get personalized content automatically shown in your feed.

    • People
      Enable up to 5 new profile custom fields and map them to external user sources. Addition of birthday date for profile completeness (if enabled), optimising people category settings screens etc.

    • ServiceNow Notification
      Stay informed. Receive notifications whenever there is any update on your service now tickets.

    • Social Campaigns
      Create social campaigns with or without url for your preferred social networks - LinkedIn and Twitter.

    • UX Enhancements
      On content creation, site selection made easy with our intelligent recommendation engine showing results basis user’s activity and permissions


  • Auto Governance Engine
    Keep your knowledge content always fresh and up-to-date with an industry first feature that automates your content governance and management processes.

  • Mobile app promotion
    Promote your native mobile app across your organization via in-app notification, sms or email and make it easy for employees to download the Simpplr app on their devices.

  • ServiceNow integration
    Enable employees to create, search, and track support tickets and view knowledgebase data without leaving Simpplr.

  • Brightcove integration
    Embed and share Brightcove videos across the organization with our newest video integration.

  • Move content
    Quickly and easily move content (Pages, albums and events) between sites that you manage.

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