How do I remove Simpplr license from inactive Salesforce users?

Simpplr has a scheduled job that will remove Simpplr licenses from deactivated users automatically. If you want to automate this process, go to "Manage Application" > 'People" > "Licensing". Check the box next to "Auto unassign Simpplr license on user deactivation" and click "Save". Once the user is deactivated in Salesforce, the Simpplr license for that user will automatically be removed within a couple of hours.




If you do not want to enable this option, you can remove Simpplr Managed Package licenses manually.

Here is how to remove Simpplr licenses from all inactive users in bulk.

1. Go to "Salesforce Setup" > "Build" > "Installed Packages" and click "Manage Licenses" next to "Simpplr".


2. Click "Remove Multiple Users".

3. Click "Create New View" next to "View".


4.  Create a view with just Inactive users:
Give the view a name, such as "Inactive Users". In "Specify Filter Criteria", select "Active" "Equals" "False". Click "Save".


6. You should land on the "Inactive Users" view automatically. Click "Remove All Users" to remove all the users in this view.


7. Click "OK" to confirm.

8. To remove Simpplr Managed Package licenses for all inactive Salesforce users going forward, go to "Salesforce Set up" > 'Installed Package" > "Manage Licenses" next to "Simpplr". Click "Remove Multiple Users" and select the "Inactive Users" view from the "View" drop down, then click "Remove All Users" .

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