Spring '18 Release Notes

Attached are the Spring 18 release notes, upgrade instructions (from Winter 18) and the updated user manuals. The are also separate notes on some of our larger new features - Segments, Subscriptions, Social Campaigns and more!

Please note that the upgrade instructions are specifically for upgrading from Winter 18 to Spring 18. Winter 18 is version 1.225.5 or later.

If you have a version that is older than Winter 18, please follow this article to upgrade to Winter 18 before upgrading to Spring 18.

If you are not sure which version you currently have, please follow the steps below to find out:

1. Go to Salesforce Set up, search for "Installed Packages".
2. You will see the version number under "Version Name". If you have version 1.225.5 or later, you can follow the attached instructions to upgrade to Spring 18.



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