Annapurna Release Notes

Attached are the Annapurna release notes, upgrade instructions (from Winter 20) and the updated user manuals.

Highlight of this release are:
  • Audiences
    Define, save, and reuse an audience across: Subscriptions, Alerts, Newsletters, Social Campaigns, & Segments.

  • Smart Feed
    The feed gets smarter. Get personalized content automatically shown in your feed.

  • People
    Enable up to 5 new profile custom fields and map them to external user sources. Addition of birthday date for profile completeness (if enabled), optimising people category settings screens etc.

  • ServiceNow Notification
    Stay informed. Receive notifications whenever there is any update on your service now tickets.

  • Social Campaigns
    Create social campaigns with or without url for your preferred social networks - LinkedIn and Twitter. Adding a link in a social campaign is mandatory for Facebook, but optional for LinkedIn and Twitter.


Please note that the upgrade instructions are specifically for upgrading from Winter 20 to Annapurna. Winter 20 is version 1.277.3 or later.

Upgrades must be done in Salesforce Classic.

If you have a version that is older than Winter 20, please follow this article to upgrade to Winter 20 before upgrading to Annapurna.

If you are not sure which version you currently have, please follow the steps below to find out:

1. Go to Salesforce Set up, search for "Installed Packages".
2. You will see the version number under "Version Name".


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